Photo: Bees in the Trap

Bees in the Trap

Bees in the Trap (aka the palm sugar at this awesome street side fruit smoothie stall) Walk up to get my favorite share at our super shake lady (who you can read about in the post called Bangkok’s Best Fruit Shake – Blended Nectar Anyone?) and discover I’m not the only one addicted to this fruit… [Read More]

Thai Suki, My Style


Sometimes when I’m in the mood for some healthy Thai food (but I’m really hungry), I go to the nearest stall and order suki haeng (สุกี้แห้ง) along with rice. I then head home and chop up a few tomatoes and add some raw garlic. Rice goes on my plate first, followed by the suki, then… [Read More]

Bangkok’s Terminal 21: Eating at the Food Court


One of Bangkok’s latest and most hyped shopping centers as you probably know is Terminal 21, located next to Asoke BTS station. Apart from entering the door and walking around for about 3 minutes before exiting, I hadn’t previously been there. But a few days ago I paid a visit to the Terminal 21 food court… [Read More]

Food Photo: Thai Pumpkin with Egg


Before coming to Thailand, I thought of pumpkin mostly as a sweet food used in desserts like pumpkin pie. While the pumpkin is used in some Thai desserts, I really enjoy it as a dish. This is a plate of fuktong sai kai, stir fried pumpkin with egg mixed in and it goes great with… [Read More]

Fish Lovers Alert: Nai Rueang Larb Bpet Restaurant


I’ll admit, this meal got a little out of control – but I just couldn’t hold back due to the stunning quality of food! We made the little journey to Bangkok’s Town in Town with the solo intent to eat Pla Chon Pao (ปลาช่อนเผา) at a restaurant known as Nai Reuang Larb Bpet นายเรืองลาบเป็ด. It was simply incredible… [Read More]