Food Photo: Thai Pumpkin with Egg

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments
Stir fried pumpkin with egg
Stir fried pumpkin with egg

Before coming to Thailand, I thought of pumpkin mostly as a sweet food used in desserts like pumpkin pie. While the pumpkin is used in some Thai desserts, I really enjoy it as a dish.

This is a plate of fuktong sai kai, stir fried pumpkin with egg mixed in and it goes great with rice!

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  • Kitti

    7 years ago

    That’s one of my favorite !!! (I prefer the softer more of mashed pumkin version though)

  • Will Peach

    9 years ago

    Ah miss the food of SE Asia, always lots of brilliant options.

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Right about the Will, so many tasty things to eat!

  • Paul Phillips

    9 years ago

    mmmm, now I’m going to show my wife this tomorrow, I fancy some and I’m sure my daughter will too. Like you I have tried pumpkin in sweet sauce etc but never like this. We live in Phuket and my wife is Thai, surprised she has never made it before!