How to Make Thai Sticky Rice (and How To Eat It)


Let me first tell you a true story… Before I ever came to Thailand, when I was in university, I sometimes went to a Thai restaurant in the US, and I would order green curry along with Thai sticky rice. I can’t remember exactly how I would eat it, but I think I would just take some of… [Read More]

Yoy Pochana (ร้านย้อยโภชนา) – Classic Thai Chinese Food in Phuket


On my first night in Phuket town, I was just walking around Old Town, and though it was quiet and not much was happening, we stumbled into a restaurant called Yoy Pochana (ร้านย้อยโภชนา). Located right across the street from Phuket’s museum and slotted in an old Sino-Portuguese building, I immediately liked the looks of the restaurant…. [Read More]

Lock Tien (ลกเที้ยน) – Hokkien Style Fried Noodles in Phuket Town


Phuket is an amazing melting pot of cultures and cuisines. One of the most widely present cultural representations, immediately evident as you’re walking around Phuket town, is the Chinese influence, which is positively reflected into the local Phuket food. Lock Tien (ลกเที้ยน) is a long-standing restaurant in Phuket town, known especially for their Hokkien style… [Read More]

100% Beef (and some Pig Breasts) in Udon Thani


I really love people who are passionate about what they do… especially when they are cooks. On my latest visit to Udon Thani, in the northern part of the Isaan region of Thailand, I went to a restaurant known as Laab Nuad (ร้านลาบหนวด เนื้อวัว 100%), a restaurant that specializes in serving 100% beef (เนื้อวัว 100%) as… [Read More]