Lengendary Beef Meatballs (Lookshin Neua) in Lampang


Lampang is one of my favorite northern Thai cities. It’s calm and peaceful, but it’s still big enough to have great restaurants and offer plenty of things to do and see. The northern Thai food in Lampang is wonderful, but there’s also a restaurant that many Thais claim you haven’t arrived to Lampang unless you’ve… [Read More]

Superb Thai Chinese Food in Ubon Ratchathani (ร้านตี๋อำนวยโชค)


Ubon Ratchathani, located on the very eastern edge of Thailand, is known for its Isaan food like grilled chicken and papaya salad, and I think Ubon has some of the best I’ve had in Thailand. But along with amazing Isaan food, there’s also some wonderful Thai Chinese food available, specifically from a large and hugely popular restaurant called… [Read More]

Outstanding Fish Laab (ลาบปลา) in Udon Thani


In Udon Thani, freshwater tilapia is one of the most popular things to eat. One of the most well known restaurants in the city, often considered the top restaurant for eating pla nin (ปลานิล), tilapia, is Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา). Udon Thani has its share of fantastic local restaurants, including an amazing beef restaurant, and when… [Read More]