Udon Miang Pla Pao – Incredibly Fresh Fish in Udon Thani


I’ve been a lover of fresh fish since before I can remember. In Thailand, especially inland away from the ocean, one of the most popular fish to eat is pla nin, or tilapia. It’s farmed extensively throughout Thailand, and especially if it’s extremely fresh, it can be incredibly delicious. Probably the most common way throughout Thailand to […]

Mon Food (and a Stunning Sauce) near Nonthaburi’s Koh Kret Island


If you’ve been in Bangkok for a while, or have read about some of the off the beaten path things to do, you’ve likely come across Koh Kret Island. The island, which is actually located within the Chao Phraya River, but upstream from Bangkok in the neighboring province of Nonthaburi, is a premiere weekend getaway […]

Utterly Good Som Tam and Grilled Chicken in Ubon Ratchathani


As I’m sure you’ve heard me say more than a few times on this blog, there are few greater combinations than som tam (green papaya salad) and gai yang (grilled chicken). It’s a combo that never gets boring. Something about the salty grilled chicken and the spicy pungent green papaya salad is a marriage that […]

Khua Kling Recipe – Thai Dry Meat Curry (วิธีทำคั่วกลิ้งหมู)


Khua kling (คั่วกลิ้ง) is one of the pillars of southern Thai cuisine, a dish that you’ll find throughout the south of Thailand, and in every restaurant serving southern Thai food within Thailand. It’s basically a dry meat curry, and though I’ll be making this recipe with pork, you can really use any type of meat you’d like […]