Food Photo: The Simmering Secret to Delicious Thai Duck


There are a lot of Thai duck restaurants in Bangkok, Tho Po Channa and this spot on Udom Suk are among my favorites. There are a number of different methods for preparing duck, but I think one of the most flavorful ways is boiled in soy sauce and spices. This cauldron of boiling duck parts […]

How to Make Delicious Thai Tom Yum Goong (VIDEO Recipe)

Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup Recipe

(If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on Youtube) Thai food is a wonderful combination of ingredients and flavors. Meals should encompass a range of tastes so every taste bud becomes alive! One of foundational dishes of Thai cuisine is tom yum goong soup – a hot and sour soup flavored […]

5 Ways to Find Awesome Thai Food Outside of Asia

Treasure Thai Cuisine's Sang Kaya

I didn’t become a Thai food fanatic in Thailand. No sir-reee, I caught jungle-curry fever while I still lived in the US. So I admittedly felt a little dissed when some people took our article on the 9 Differences Between Thailand’s Thai Food and the US’s Thai Food as if we were bashing Thai restaurants […]

Thai Food Hunger Games: Three Rocking Road Kills North of Bangkok

The hungry crew, hanging out right below the sunset in the clouds.

I was recently kidnapped on an overnight road trip, hitting all the touristy food havens in the small mountains and hills a few hundred kilometers north of Bangkok. No responsibilities. No agenda. Just miles of eating. Here’s some of the highlights: Catching the Mountainside Seafood Breeze at Suan Muang Porn (สวนเมืองพร) Tip: There’s two big highlights […]