100% Beef (and some Pig Breasts) in Udon Thani


I really love people who are passionate about what they do… especially when they are cooks. On my latest visit to Udon Thani, in the northern part of the Isaan region of Thailand, I went to a restaurant known as Laab Nuad (ร้านลาบหนวด เนื้อวัว 100%), a restaurant that specializes in serving 100% beef (เนื้อวัว 100%) as […]

Top 10 Thai Meals of 2014 (& What You Can Expect in 2015)


Greetings all Thai food lovers, and wishing you a Happy New “Thai Food” Year 2015! 2014 has been a wonderful and extremely rewarding year for us at EatingThaiFood.com. This year, we’ve covered restaurants in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, as well as Bangkok. Also, this year we introduced recipes, which have proven to be popular, and are now some of […]