24 Gawk-Worthy Photos from July’s Big Bite Bangkok Feasting Festival

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This past Sunday we hosted the biggest Big Bite yet!

Big thank you to all of the sponsors, vendors, volunteers and of course all 300+ food lovers who crowded in for an indulgent Sunday afternoon at Maduzi Hotel.

Big Bite Bangkok - July 2013

If you missed all the announcements or you’re not living in Bangkok, Big Bite Bangkok is the market series we’ve been putting on since last year.

You can read more about the event on our Big Bite Page, but basically the event is part food festival, part tasting party, and part charity fundraiser.

VM Thai Tea
Bottoms up on this cinnamon Thai tea, yum!
Big Bite Montage
Food, fun, and charity!
Beervana Craft Beers
Enjoying Sunday afternoon American craft beer from Beervana

People show up mid sunday because they hungry, hungover, hunting hard to find foods or all of the above!

Here’s the full list of awesome food and drink makers who participated:

Big Bite Bangkok - July 2013

Everyone expects to be fed well and after having their fill of beer, wine, and cocktails at the event, to have friendly encounters with other mustard stained and crump covered gourmands.

What people don’t expect is a laid back, pop up market that raises more than $1000 for charity with each brief, three hour occurrence.

ETF Street Food
Anyone recognize this street vendor? All the profit from the sales of these Thai dishes were donated to charity.
Big Bite Kids
Handing with friends and a big group of our kids whose families will receive support from funds raised at the event!
UP Cheese Grits
Southern Thai food was represented, so how about some southernfied American food? Urban Pantry hooked it up with these garlic grits!

In the latest incarnation we had well over 300 foodies in place and raised double what we normally raise for my volunteer charity In Search of Sanuk (with the extra help of our sponsors and vendors).

You can’t pack more WIN into a smaller space! Now here’s some photos for you to gawk at!

ETF Charity Stand
For the first time ever we had a stand for Eating Thai Food with Mark and his wife serving some awesome dishes and helping raise money!
Jakjai Specialty Coffee
Social business and specialty coffee maker Jakjai was on board serving freshly brewed coffee and letting people taste their cold brew.
Jenny's WC Cakes
Newcomer Jenny’s Delicious Whipping Cream Cakes making new fans!
Mess Hall Stand
Mess Hall‘s croquettes and pork belly buns generously raised the most for charity, donating over $300!
Maison Jean Philippe
Artisan bread and pastries from Maison Jean Philippe who showed up with one giant, almost 8kg loaf to hack into pieces for people.
Olives & More
Olives & More had their olives ready for tasters and some fun options like their stuffed peppers and slow roasted plum tomatoes.
Sloane's Sausages
Sloane’s grill is fired up and artisan sausages were being thrown in buns. There was also some great smoked ham that I hope you didn’t miss!
Adam's Organic Veggies
Cucumber water, spicy romaine lettuce wraps that disappeared and a ton of fresh veggies from Adam’s Organic.
Limited edition Lamai Thai Rum was mixing cocktails like their Lamai-hito and giving samples of Thai white rum.
Tribeca Waffle Pour
Expat traffic jam of people waiting in line for Tribeca’s freshly made chicken and waffles.
VM Vermicelli
Diving head first into a bowl of Vietnamese & More’s vermicelli noodle salad.
Twist & Spirulina
Twist’s cooling fresh juices were had the extra option of being paired with Skyline’s spirulina for an extra green health boost.
New York Style hotdogs by Superbdog made some people crazy when they sold out early!
Alchemist Samples
The Alchemist bar showed up and dished out over 600 shots and plenty of full sized cocktails!
Urban Pantry Southernfied
Also souled-out and sold out for obvious reasons were Urban Pantry’s garlic cheese grits topped with blackened shrimp, jalapeño corn bread, and biscuits and gravy!
Appia Porchetta
Get in line! Back with reinforcements and was the rotisserie roasted, Roman style porchetta from Appia who also made a generous donation from what they sold!

Another super big thanks goes to our sponsor Monsoon Valley Wines who were only hand doing a tasting with of their award winning wines and answering people’s questions about pairing their wines with food.

Monsoon Valley
Monsoon Valley booth and enjoying the wines while relaxing afterwards!

I didn’t get to try enough of their wines during the event so I purchased a bottle of their sparkling Rosé wine and enjoyed it while I was recovering from the event.

Finally, big props to my volunteer photographers Lillian Suwanrumpha and Ramon Toralba for these awesome photos and thanks to everyone who came!

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  • Kim

    8 years ago

    Dwight, I am visiting Bangkok in late December. I am able to team up with the Area Manager of many of our local Walmarts to bring donations to the various countries that I visit.
    I have recently described your charity, “In Search of Sanuk,” to him and he would like to involve several of his stores in providing items that your kids and families could use.

    I will be backpacking, so weight and volume could be an issue. According to him, the closest Walmart to you would probably be in China. Of course, the easiest course of action for me is to bring gift cards, however, I don’t know if that would be conducive for you.
    Another alternative would be to use a small amount of the gift cards and purchase the 50lb 2nd bag that each of us are allowed on our flight. These could then be filled with a shopping list of items.
    Please let me know if any of this appeals to you A.S.A.P as the contact stated, “The earlier you let me know, the more of my stores I can get involved.”

    Thanks Dwight,

    Kim Hill

  • Mike | Earthdrifter

    8 years ago

    What a cool food festival. Bangkok sure is a cosmopolitan and progressive city.

  • Nancy

    8 years ago

    What a GREAT event! The food offered was just mouth watering! Thank you for sharing the event with us who live so far away!

  • Chris

    8 years ago

    Dude, I’ve got to make the next one. Long overdue.

  • Ayan

    8 years ago

    What a fantastic concept – food and contributing to charity at the same time. Congratulations to Dwight and everyone involved. Looking forward to the next Big Bite.

  • James Schipper

    8 years ago

    We had a great time! I obviously need to try those Kobayashi-style stomach stretching routines, so I have room to try so many good things!

    We tried hanging around as long as we could so we could try everything.

    So much good stuff, and the kids were a blast, as usual!