6 Bangkok Fatty Photos to Feed on During Life Without Instagram

Are you living the filtered life?

Is life without filters unbearable?

Sometimes the world is better seen through rose colored glasses, so I know your heart is troubled after just a few short hours without the popular photo sharing app, Instagram.

You’ve got no where to post pictures of your feet…

You haven’t had an excuse to dress your dog up…

…And you’re having to appreciate the sky’s natural color instead of HDR and photoshop enhanced purple clouds.

If you’re wondering how your life will go on without filters, rest assured at least your online food porn addiction can be fulfilled with us.

In addition to the weekly widescreen food porn photo we publish on ETF, here’s 6 EXTRA reminders of why you should be following us on Instagram (once it’s back to normally anyway) and on Facebook!

Giant Fried Fish and Mango Sauce at Anna and Charlie's ปลากะพงแดดเดียว

Giant Fried Sea Bass and Tangy Mango Salad at Anna and Charlie’s. Dish: ปลากะพงแดดเดียว

What: Sea bass fried up until it’s crispy and served with a spicy Thai style mango salad. It’s ridiculous in size and seems like a giant fish pancake. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too big to devour and the mango salad you’re supposed to eat on top of the fish gave it a nice kick.

Where: Anna & Charlie’s Cafe, 236 Soi Si Nakhon, Ratchada-Naradhiwas Intersection, Bangkok, 10120

Tip: Mud cake here is awesome, smoothies are tasty, but this place is popular. Call ahead to reserve and give yourself some extra time to find it.

Sublime Doughnuts has come to Bangkok

Sublime Doughnuts has come to Bangkok!

What: I sent this photo to my personal trainer to make sure he knows I’m eating fruit on a regular basis. I don’t think he was happy to know it’s from a donut shop from my hometown that’s opened in Siam Square. If you haven’t heard you may want to check out Sublime Doughnuts!

Where: Sublime Doughnuts, Siam Square Soi 8

Tip: Sublime Doughnut’s has won a lot of awards in the US. Try some of the funkier flavors and anything stuffed with fruit is particularly good.

Tofu in Tamarind Sauce from Thai Sabai

Tofu in Tamarind Sauce from Thai Sabai. Dish: เต้าหู้ทอดราดซอสมะขาม

What: Here’s something a little healthier. If you gotta stuff yourself with nutrients, I like Thai Sabai for cheap organic food. Try their fried tofu which comes doused in a really tangy tamarind sauce!

Where: Thai Sabai ร้านไทสบาย, Tiam Ruam Mit Rd., Huay Kwang, Bangkok, 10320

Tip: Organic food in a gas station right across from Siam Nirimit (MRT Thai Cultural Station). The price is cheap. Service is so so, but I keep going back for the tasty and healthy food.

Extra Soupy Thai Gravy Noodles

Extra Soupy Thai Gravy Noodles with Seafood. Dish:

What: You know this collection of photos was going to include some street food, right? Here’s a place right on the side of Rama 4 that’s popular with the locals. There’s not enough tables and sometimes there’s people standing in line, but still the vendor does his best to keep firing up as many gravy noodles and ‘pad see ew’ dishes as he can.

Where: ราดหน้าสมหวัง เอ็มไพร์, Empire Rad Nar. Across from the more established “Rad Nar Texas” on Rama 4 road.

Tip: There’s other good street food in the area. Ironically enough, if you can find the nearby Mercedes dealership this place is on the same side, a five minute walk away. Check the Foursquare listing for ราดหน้าสมหวัง เอ็มไพร์.

Chicken Adobo on a Fresh Baguette at Pigwit

Chicken Adobo on a Fresh Baguette at Pigwit

What: More than a mouthful is this chicken adobo sandwich at a new place called Pigwit. Plenty of meat inside the sandwich and I really enjoyed the barbecue sauce that the chicken is covered in. I made fast friends with this new place on Soi Convent and they’ll be exhibiting at the next Big Bite Bangkok.

Where: Pigwit, 44/12 Soi Convent, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Tip: Tried and liked both the pesto chicken and the chicken adobo. This place is in a small soi right past  Naj Restaurant on Soi Convent (across from BNH Hospital). Look for the pink pig.

Thai Tea ice cream perched on a moist fudge brownie

Thai Tea ice cream perched on a moist fudge brownie.

What: Let’s end on a sweet note and with a photo we shared on Instagram recently. How about Thai tea ice cream on top of a brownie? This is in an old school ice cream shop that predates some of the larger chains. They still make great stuff if you’re in the neighborhood.

Where: Gourmet Gallery, 6/1 Soi Promsri 1, Sukhumvit Rd. 39, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Tip: Ice cream sundae here is huge. They also have a glass case where I get really distracted trying to decide what I want from the day’s baked cakes and pastries.

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