10 of the Best Bangkok Restaurants of 2013


It’s been another wonderful year of eating Thai food! Narrowing down the archives of delicious food is always a challenge… but finally, it had to be done. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Bangkok we ate at in 2013. By the way, you should also check out the resource page and the full best restaurants in Bangkok page […]

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen – Tasty Ramen in Bangkok


I was invited into the newly opened Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen, and being a lover of Japanese Ramen, I couldn’t resist. Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen is originally from Osaka, and they recently opened their first branch in Bangkok. Walking into the restaurant, you feel like you’re in Japan – the staff greets you in Japanese – and […]

Paste Restaurant – Scrumptious Modern Thai Food in Bangkok


Looking for exciting and marvelously delicious modern Thai food in Bangkok? Paste Restaurant is as far as you need to search. What is Modern Thai Food? The first thing to know about modern Thai food, as Chef Jason clearly states, is that it’s not fusion. Fusion is the combining of different cuisines; An exaggerated fusion example […]

Thai Suki, My Style


Sometimes when I’m in the mood for some healthy Thai food (but I’m really hungry), I go to the nearest stall and order suki haeng (สุกี้แห้ง) along with rice. I then head home and chop up a few tomatoes and add some raw garlic. Rice goes on my plate first, followed by the suki, then […]

Khao Moo Daeng in Nakhon Pathom (ร้านตั้งฮะเส็ง)


While I was in Nakhon Pathom for the annual Nakhon Pathom temple festival, I decided to head over to a long standing restaurant. Tung Ha Seng (ร้านตั้งฮะเส็ง) is mainly famous for their khao moo daeng (red barbecued pork over rice ข้าวหมูแดง), but they also serve khao na bpet (rice and duck), duck soup, and other things […]

Casa Pasta – The Best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok?


Now before we get started with this post I want to tell you one thing: I’m no expert when it comes to Italian food. After all, I eat 99.5% Asian food (I’ll include Indian in that percentage), with the other 1% going towards things like Lebanese food or Italian food. Since I rarely eat Italian […]

Food Photo: Jim Jum Hot Clay Pot

Jim Jum

Jim Jum จิ้มจุ่ม Jim Jum is the Isaan version of the hot pot. It’s served in a clay pot over charcoal. The broth is normally pork or seafood based and you’re given a selection of ingredients to add to the boiling soup; Morning glory, cabbage, glass noodles, meat or seafood, and egg, are all popular additives to […]

Food Photo: The Perfect Mangosteen

Thai Mangosteen

With possibilities of devouring a fruit buffet on the daily, Thailand is a paradise for fruit lovers. It’s such an incredible feeling to crack open a mangosteen (Mangkut มังคุด) and see pure white flawless flesh. Sometimes you can even sense the meat will be so fleshy, that the seeds will be very small, or even nonexistent. Have you ever […]

Food Photo: Gaeng Laos


Gaeng Laos is kind of a mishmash of various herbs, mushrooms and other vegetables boiled down into a healthy stew. It can be flavored with meat or seafood but also it can be enjoyed purely vegetarian – check out the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide for more details!