Food Photo: Thai Curry in a Coconut

By Mark Wiens 3 Comments
Hor mok ma prao on
Hor mok ma prao on

Hor mok is an excellent Thai dish that’s a combination of ingredients brought together in a thick coconut cream curry.

On the streets, hor mok is normally served in small banana leaf wrappers while at nicer restaurants you can order it right in a coconut!

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  • Adam

    7 years ago

    Any recommendations where the best place to find this in BK is?!

  • Joel Bruner

    9 years ago

    Dude. If there can be a Best Thai Dish,….. ah I cant!!! ok top 5, then try to pick. I would have a hard choice first off with the Haw Mok Talee Maprao On (like the one above there) or a grilled Snakehead Fish covered with lime sauce, but then I cant forget Crab Pad Pong Garee. OR what about Nam Prik Makam with some Sataw to munch, and finally a full bowl of Kaow neow Durian. wow. Nope, made it to 5 and theres no way on earth to pick. The beauty of Thai cuisine.

    Great photo.

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Dude, it’s virtually impossible to formulate such a list – one can only come up with “a” list, not “the list,” however hor mok is quite a good addition to ANY list! Thanks man, looking forward to sharing a few of these coconut beauties with you in the future.