Food Photo: The Perfect Mangosteen

By Mark Wiens 1 Comment
Thai Mangosteen
Thai Mangosteen (มังคุด)

With possibilities of devouring a fruit buffet on the daily, Thailand is a paradise for fruit lovers.

It’s such an incredible feeling to crack open a mangosteen (Mangkut มังคุด) and see pure white flawless flesh.

Sometimes you can even sense the meat will be so fleshy, that the seeds will be very small, or even nonexistent. Have you ever had a seedless mangosteen? Let me tell you, it’s an occasion to rejoice!

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  • Krystina Marie Price

    9 years ago

    Hi Mark!

    I was in Thailand for a few weeks and was hoping to catch up with you to say hello and join you for a tour of some Thai Street food. Unfortunately, time ran out, – but not before enjoying lunch at a wonderful restaurant, Yum & Tum, at OneWorld Shopping Center, on the 6th floor of Zen department store. (Near McDonald’s). Won’t soon forget a shredded (hairy) pork dish that was most unusual, as well as delicious. Of course, the green papaya salad, as well as other dishes that are recommended for my Thai Astrological sign – Wind.
    The prices were spot on for presentation ambiance and service. It’s owned and operated by a family, offering generations of “Street Food” expertise. Let me know if you’ve already been. If not, I shoot some baht into your PayPal account. My treat! [email protected]