Sweet Thai Mung Bean Dessert (Tau Suan เต้าส่วน)

Tau Suan (เต้าส่วน)

Thai Desserts – Tau Suan (เต้าส่วน)

Like all good things in Thailand, Tau Suan (เต้าส่วน) comes wrapped in a plastic bag.

I’m not much of a Thai desserts eater, but every now and then a plate of mango sticky rice (or even better with durian), or in this case a baggie full of tau suan (เต้าส่วน) hits the spot.

What is this sweet corn kernel looking treat?

Originally Chinese, and now popularly eaten throughout Asia, tau suan is a sweet soupy mung bean pudding that’s served warm.

Served in a bag!

Served in a bag!

In Thailand the beans are cooked to a really soft, almost mashed potato like consistency, and then combined with a sweet sugary syrup that blends with the beans to make a smooth sticky-ish porridge.

The Thai twist of tau suan (เต้าส่วน) comes with the addition of coconut cream which is prepared separately and ladled onto the top of the bag.

Swirling mixture of each bite of Tau Suan เต้าส่วน

Swirling mixture of each spoon of Tau Suan เต้าส่วน

The coconut cream is cooked rather salty to bring out the flavor of coconut but it blends extremely well with the sweet mung beans.

Next time you pass the smiling Thai desserts lady, stop by and order a bag of tau suan (เต้าส่วน)!

Price – 15 Thai Baht

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