Super Salad at Cafe Tartine on Soi Ruam Rudee

By Mark Wiens 8 Comments
Well lit, friendly atmosphere inside Cafe Tartine
Well lit, friendly atmosphere inside Cafe Tartine

Cafe Tartine, not far down Soi Ruam Ruedee (BTS Phloen Chit) seems to specialize in pleasing soup, sandwich and salad hunters around lunch time. There were plenty of things that looked tasty on the menu, but I chose their giant salad since July’s the month of our vegetarian challenge.

Cafe Tartine Salad Menu
Cafe Tartine Salad Menu

I ordered a custom salad and had I not been struck with a craving for goat cheese on top it would have been vegan approved. I was really pleased with the filling, grown-man-sized salad. The price starts at 75 THB ($2) and goes up as you add ingredients. After you add everything you want, the average salad will probably cost you about 150-250 THB ($5-$9). Don’t be surprised if you get carried away, there are more options on the list that want you can see in the photo above.

salad and bread on the table at Cafe Tartine
Salad and bread on the table at Cafe Tartine

You may not choose the same ingredients in your salad as I did. I wanted to get some protein and the walnuts were a great decision. Again, the goat cheese just sounded too mouth watering to pass up. I hope you can almost taste them in the next photo.

super salad at Cafe Tartine
Super Salad at Cafe Tartine

The salad was great. My only complaint was that I needed more of their tasty dressing. I’ll be requesting a little extra next time.

Overall this is a great place for whatever your diet. Prices are reasonable and it’s easy to get to. Bonus points for the free wifi :-).

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  • Pam

    6 years ago

    The burgers are also good here. My daily favourite is The chicken sandwich.

  • MAC

    10 years ago

    Having lived in France before Bangkok, this is a nice treat to go and see some familiar things, as well as interesting takes on classics. I probably go there once or twice a month. The choose-your-own salads are great, the sandwiches are a lot of fun (my favorite is the paté and cornichon, while someone else I know swears by the Raclette with potato). Gets crowded during lunch, but rightfully so. Recently indulged in a lemon meringue pie slice for dessert, which was quite nice and should be shared.

    • Dwight Turner

      10 years ago

      We also heard the lemon meringue was great! Will have to go back and try that along with all of things on the menu we can gladly indulge in after the vegetarian challenge ends. Thanks for the comment we’ll keep those recommendation in mind next time we’re there.

  • The Robertsons of Mumbai

    10 years ago

    I didn’t know about this place – looks good!

  • Lawrence Michaels

    10 years ago

    That looks really good. Pretty pricey for a salad though. Now I have to go eat because that just made me hungry.

    • Dwight Turner

      10 years ago

      Thanks! I didn’t mind the price so much because of the size and goodies inside. I’ve had enough under par, sweet corn salads lol.