Red, White, & Blue-ish Raw Food Thai Pasta Dish

By Mark Wiens 2 Comments
raw food thai pasta dish
Raw Food Version of A Thai Salad

Happy belated 4th of July! He’re the first full page food porn edition during July’s month of the vegetarian food challenge!

We recently posted some other veggie food porn like the full page shot of the glorious tangled veggie called pad pak gachet. However, this is the FIRST raw food we’ve featured. Raw food is food that hasn’t been heated over 100 degrees, so that it has all the natural properties. Raw food is super healthy and devoid of animal products so we will be talking about it more this month.

This was eaten at the Rasayana Retreat Raw Food Cafe. This place isn’t hard to find, but there just aren’t any good directions on the web. We’ll give you a map and more photos from Raw Food Cafe in a later post this month. Hope this dish was festive enough for you!

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  • Lawrence Michaels

    10 years ago

    Nothing says American Independence better then a big hulking plate of raw Thai food. Are those red sweet peppers or are they red Thai chili’s? Either way, it is very colorful and pretty.

    • Dwight Turner

      10 years ago

      You’ll see this dish again when we review this Raw Food Cafe. But the red you see here are like a red bell pepper. I wished they were real chillies, This thing wasn’t spicy enough!