Interview: Raw Food Vegan Blogger Amber, Gives Tips For Eating Healthy on the Go

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Food and diet interview with Amber of Epic Self
Food and diet interview with Amber of Epic Self

This morning we had an informative chat with Amber, a super blogging, raw food enthusiast who coaches people about healthy living and exercise.

Watch the video below to hear her views on diet and staying healthy on the go. You can find out more about Amber on her blog Epic Self.

The video is 9 minutes long and we asked Amber the following questions:

  • Amber, who are you and what do you do?
  • How did you become a raw food vegan?
  • What tips can you give for people traveling who want to maintain raw food, vegan or vegetarian diets on the go?
  • How do you manage to stay full when you only eat raw food?

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