Day 3 Vegetarian Thai Food: Oatmeal, Arawy Vegetarian Restaurant, Mangosteen

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If you’re joining us for the first time, we’re attempting to eat vegetarian Thai food for the entire month of July 2011 in order to raise money for charity. Follow us for everyday blog updates and read more about the cause here.

Breakfast on Day 3
Breakfast on Day 3


Ate the same basic meal for breakfast. It’s cheap, healthy and filling.

I promise we’ll get more into some Thai vegetarian breakfast options in the days to come.

Arawy Vegetarian Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
Arawy Vegetarian Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand


For lunch I tried out Arawy vegetarian restaurant. I was excited, so ended up ordering much more food than I should have, but it was indeed all vegetarian!

Clockwise from top-left:

Price: 270 THB for 7 dishes and 6 plates of rice, split by 3 people



After the huge Sunday lunchtime feast, I took it easy for dinner and decided to only eat fruit.

Ate a big pile of mangosteen and a few bananas – enough cover me for Day 3!

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  • Benedict

    10 years ago

    Hey Mark!

    Fristly, as a vegetarian and politically concious individual I very much appreciate what you are doing.
    Unfortunately when I tried to order something of what you ate at local food stalls I faced some difficulties. Since I think this is mainly because of my German pronounciation of your English transcription, a little Thai script might help. Would it be possible to name let’s say lunch and dinner dishes in Thai script as well?

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hey Benedict,
      We’ll try to get the names written in Thai script when we can, it will take a little longer, but will try to update it soon. At the end of the month we’ll also be putting together a vegetarian Thai food guide and have hopefully have it all translated as well.
      Thanks for checking this out!