Big Bite Bangkok July Preview

By Dwight Turner
Medieval Eats made by Bangkok Glutton

Medieval slain and roasted Aurochs  by Chow of Bangkok Glutton

Good things come from the collision of great food and good people.

After all, that’s how the how idea for Big Bite came together anyway. The above carnage is from our last Game of Thrones inspired “planning meeting.” A Big Bite planning meeting is where we focus all the concentration we can muster for all of about 10 minutes, to talk about the nitty gritty plans for the event, before beginning to digress back into wine glasses, Chow’s great hospitality, and enjoying the rest of the evening of food worship.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what Game of Thrones is or if the photo above doesn’t make your heart flutter like it does mine. The point is for you to be on the lookout for whatever flavor of greatness event co-host Chow from Bangkok Glutton will be serving on Sunday.

Grab a cocktail while to go with your big bites

Grab a cocktail from Bobby to go with your big bites.

You may also be on the hunt for her stand on the Maduzi patio because we’re pairing her up with Bobby, owner of Bartender Coffee. Bobby is a Thai friend who quit the fast paced Bangkok nightlife to start his own business making creative coffee and frappes. Of course he still slings a mean mojito whenever we can get him behind the bar and we’re proud he’ll be at Big Bite helping everyone become ‘friendlier.’

Homemade Vietnamese Pulled Pork Sandwich with Lemongrass & Spicy Sriracha Sauce.

Homemade Vietnamese Pulled Pork Sandwich with Lemongrass & Spicy Sriracha Sauce.

Here’s another rumor for you to spread about Sunday’s Big Bite: Homemade pulled pork banh mi with your name on it.

This weekend we’re excited to meet up with the Bangkok foodie community. We know there will be a lot of connections made, recipes swapped, and plans laid to gather for more great eating.

Don’t miss the rest of the great food producers who’ll have everything from freshly baked Dutch stroopwafels to vegetarian delights!

Brownies from Chu Cafe

A stack of brownies from Chu Cafe.

Here’s the full list of participating vendors for this Sunday’s Big Bite Bangkok:

Bangkok Glutton

Vietnamese & More

Urban Pantry BKK

Adam’s Organics

Birds in a Row

Radiance Whole Foods

Quince Eatery and Bar


Bartender Coffee

CHU Chocolate Bar & Cafe


Moker Karamella

Bkk Bagel Bakery

Twist Smoothies, Juices, & More

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