Panta Video Store – Serving Indian, Nepalese and Burmese Food


It was the video store that first caught my attention as I walked past this little hole in the wall restaurant in the Phra Khanong area of Bangkok. Note: The restaurant might also be referred to as Sadabahar Restaurant Panta Video store was clearly written all over the sign, but beneath and surrounding it were […]

Sutunthip Healthy Thai Restaurant – Vegetarian Dining in Comfort


If you are looking for excellent Thai vegetarian Thai food served fresh and in a clean comfortable air-conditioned environment, Sutunthip has you covered. It was a restaurant that I had noticed in the corner of my eye as I was cruising down Charoen Nakhon in one of those notoriously chaotic little orange buses. The bright […]

Vegetarian Thai Food: Charity Update

Thanks to our small crew of volunteers who gave time, money and good over the weekend

What better way to get people excited about giving than with FOOD?! We’re passionate eaters and also passionate givers. That’s what’s been driving us to go vegetarian in Bangkok all month long. We love both having an excuse to talk about food and what we’re doing to support families who are struggling to feed themselves. […]