A Pad Thai Intervention: Is Hoy Tod Better Than Pad Thai?

beautiful egg capped pad thai with shrimp

“I can’t wait to get to Thailand to eat some pad thai!” I hear this phrase every year and it makes me wince and cringe thinking about having pad thai intervention sessions with people. It’s part of my foodie duty, but it’s just a little sad that I always ends with me smacking someone around […]

Thai Sabai, Bangkok’s Hidden Organic Oasis

miang kham leaf wrap

The vegetarian festival is back on in Bangkok and since this is my first chance to write since it began, I thought I’d begin by covering a place that makes delicious, healthy food all year round. The restaurant is called Thai Sabai and it’s a decent choice whether you’re vegetarian or not. First off, it’s […]

Sweets, Treats, and Confidence at Bangkok’s Munjai Cafe

Munjai Cafe near Khlong Toey Market

Here’s a quick update on a cafe you should check out called Munjai Cafe, not so far from Klong Toey Market. It’s a cute cafe that’s a bit hard to find if you’re unfamiliar with the area, but it’s definitely worth the journey. If you’re familiar with the social businesses in the Khlong Toey slum […]

Behind the Scenes Eye Candy from the Now Closed Bed Supperclub


I was recently interviewed about Bangkok’s most bizarre restaurants and it reminded me that one of the city’s original bizarre dining institutions, Bed Supperclub, closed it’s doors this past weekend. For over 10 years the club was an infamous partying destination, mostly known for it’s spaceship like design, elaborate shows and bashes enjoyed from giant […]

Beervana Hosts Deschutes Craft Beer Launch at Oyster Bar

penn cove mussels with chiang mai sausage

Doesn’t it always seem that when you’re invited to comment in depth on something or ponder some existential quandary — that you’re always asked while you’re shoving food into your face? Maybe that’s just me, but I think it’s kinda rude. Nope, no sir, I’ll never get used to it. So whilst I was double-fisting […]

Food Photo: World’s Strangest Looking Tandoori Chicken?


World’s Strangest Looking Tandoori Chicken at Bangkok’s Gaggan Green eggs and ham I know… But green tandoori chicken with suspicious foam? DE-LICIOUS! Some yummy varieties of tandoori are marinated in green herbs, yogurt, and spices but rarely do you see the dish presented this way. This tandoori plate at Gaggan Restaurant in Bangkok’s Langsuan was […]