Food Photo: Goong Pao – Roasted Shrimp

By Mark Wiens 1 Comment
Goong Pao (กุ้งเผา)
Goong Pao (กุ้งเผา)

Goong Pao (กุ้งเผา)

Thailand is one of the top exporters of prawns in the world, and around Bangkok, they are never hard to locate.

These particular jumbo prawns are served with the head on because the head contains the most valuable edible section on the creature – all the head meat and juices!

Find these jumbo prawns at the Chatuchak weekend market.

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  • Frans

    8 years ago

    Good that you mention it..many people don’t eat the mushy insides of the head. But indeed, it contains the best part; the cholesterol-rich “coral”. They also call it important ingredient for really good pad thai.