Khao Moo Tod: Rice and Fried Pork


Far from making the list of top healthy Thai dishes, khao moo tod is basically a handful of pork that’s deep fried with garlic and soy sauce. It’s then placed over a plate of rice and served with an optional fried egg. The greasy meal is such a delicious treat when it comes piping hot!

Thai Food Hunger Games: Three Rocking Road Kills North of Bangkok

The hungry crew, hanging out right below the sunset in the clouds.

I was recently kidnapped on an overnight road trip, hitting all the touristy food havens in the small mountains and hills a few hundred kilometers north of Bangkok. No responsibilities. No agenda. Just miles of eating. Here’s some of the highlights: Catching the Mountainside Seafood Breeze at Suan Muang Porn (สวนเมืองพร) Tip: There’s two big highlights… [Read More]

A Plate of Thai Duck over Rice


Duck is a very special food. It is texturally attractive and most of all it is extremely flavorful. Though there are many ways to enjoy duck within Thai food, a few slices over a plate of rice (Khao Na Bpet ข้าวหน้าเป็ด) and drizzled with duck juice is high up on the list. Head to Rawanstar… [Read More]

Succulent Thai Boiled Duck and Rice at Udom Suk (เป็ดพะโล้ โกเหลียง 2)


Udom Suk is a street in Bangkok that has an unusually high concentration of hole in the wall restaurants serving glorious duck – both roasted and boiled. One of the places that really stuck out to me was a restaurant known as Bpet Paloe Goliang 2 (เป็ดพะโล้ โกเหลียง2). A family owned restaurant, they specialize in bpet… [Read More]

Thai Green Mango Salad (Yam Mamuang)


If you ever find yourself tired on the common Green Papaya Som Tam salad, give Yam Mamuang (Thai spicy green  mango salad) a try. It is almost the same dish except that it is made from green mango instead of green papaya.

Khao Man Gai ข้าวมันไก่ (Thai Chicken Rice): Plain but Delightfully Comforting

Kao Man Gai

It’s not one of Thailand’s most flavorful $1 dishes… but that’s alright. Sometimes you just need something comforting, a dish to cleanse the palate and something soothing on the mouth and stomach. When this situation arises, Khao Man Gai (ข้าวมันไก่), Thai style chicken and rice is always waiting right around a corner in Bangkok. Chicken… [Read More]

Pla Pao: Thai Style Grilled Fish


One of the common ways to eat grilled fish in Thailand is to stuff it with fragrant herbs, roll it in salt and place it over a grill of flaming coals. One of my personal favorite places to eat fantastic roasted snakehead fish is at a restaurant called Som Tam Boo Maa.

Duck Rice and Coconut Sweets: Bangkok’s Bpet Sai Gaew Restaurant


I started the meal off with something very very different from duck: Khanom Thuay ขนมถ้วย. Yup, temptingly sitting at every single table at Bpet Sai Gaew เป็ดไส้แก้ว is a platter of fresh (and good looking) little coconut milk sweets. What a brilliant idea, put little Thai desserts on every table at a duck restaurant! Their business strategy worked… [Read More]