Thai Style Wedding – Migrating from Meal to Meal

Thai food at a Chinese Thai wedding ceremony in Krabi, Thailand.

I didn’t completely know what to suspect, but I did know I was about to attend the biggest wedding I’ve ever been to…and I was hungry.

There are 3 words that basically sum up a Thai wedding, or the wedding I just finished attending in Krabi, Thailand: Food, Photos and Gifts.

To run out of food at a Thai Wedding is serious serious offense.

And I’m pleased to let you know – we were light years away from running out of food at this wedding!

The wedding went on for 3 days and throughout the course, I was able to indulge in uncountable kilos of Thai food.  Many of the potential competition (other eaters) were however occupied elsewhere, finding it difficult to just sit down and eat with the stress and chaos of the ceremony.

I, on the other hand, a family guest with little obligation, except to “sawadee,” at frequent occasions, had quite a lot of nervous downtime to put my eating skills to the test.  The only dilemma was that I was the token “farang (white-man!),” and the last thing I wanted to do was seem like a pig at the table (I also limited my picture taking…).

For 3 days straight I smiled, sawadee-ed, and migrated from meal to meal! It was awesome!

The last meal, which was prepared in bulk for over 2000 guests, had a pretty decent menu! I sat at a table with the younger folks, leaving more room to indulge to my hearts content, as well as snap a couple shots!

The menu consisted of panang moo (red curry pork), moo khlowng (soy boiled pork chunks), yam sam klop (mixed mango salad), bplaa pook pad pak gadong (fish with sour cabbage), enn moo pad nam man hoy and salaad (salad).

The mango salad, loaded with roasted chashew’s and dried squid took the award for best dish of the evening.

The unique experience, the ambiance, and the thrill of my first food affair at a Thai wedding was marvelous!

Note: Migration Mark thoroughly enjoyed his first opportunity to attend a Thai wedding and experience was just as good as the food!

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