Pad Pak Gachet: Stir Fried Water Mimosa

Pad Pak Gachet ผัดผักกะเฉด is Thai Water Mimosa, a delicious but slightly chewy and stalky vegetable.

Pad Pak Gachet ผัดผักกะเฉด

Thai Stir fried Water Mimosa

stir fried water mimosa

Pad Pak Gachet ผัดผักกะเฉด

thai water mimosa

Thai Water Mimosa


pàt pàk gà-chàyt


Pak gachet or Thai style water mimosa, is a chewy green vegetable.  The stalk part is crisp and hollow and the leaves and branches can be a little chewy or even a little tough.  It is usually stir fried with oyster sauce, chilies, and garlic to create a fragrant and crunchy textured veggie dish.

Main Ingredients

  • water mimosa
  • garlic
  • chilies
  • oyster sauce
  • fish sauce

Information / Recipes

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