Pad Pak Gachet: Stir Fried Water Mimosa

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Pad Pak Gachet ผัดผักกะเฉด

Thai Stir fried Water Mimosa

stir fried water mimosa
Pad Pak Gachet ผัดผักกะเฉด
thai water mimosa
Thai Water Mimosa


pàt pàk gà-chàyt


Pak gachet or Thai style water mimosa, is a chewy green vegetable.  The stalk part is crisp and hollow and the leaves and branches can be a little chewy or even a little tough.  It is usually stir fried with oyster sauce, chilies, and garlic to create a fragrant and crunchy textured veggie dish.

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  • Zan Lustig

    11 months ago

    Yum yum it has a unique flavour. And I haven’t seen it very often on the menu when visiting Thailand.