Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi Restaurant: Bangkok’s Senior Vegetarian Hang-Out

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Suki Jeh Ru Yi Vegetarian Thai Restaurant - สุกี้เจหรูยี่
Suki Jeh Ru Yi (สุกี้เจหรูยี่) Vegetarian Thai Restaurant

Surrounded by metal scrapers and motorcycle workshops, yet packed with little old Chinese Thai ladies, I knew Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi Restaurant (สุกี้เจหรูยี่) was going to be bomb!

The outside is painted a soothing turquoise and mustard green, and as you can see, it’s always a Happy New Year!

Thai vegetarian food
Suki Jeh Ru Yi – Bangkok Vegetarian Thai Restaurant

The menu was extensive and written in Thai, Chinese, and English along with neat little pictures to go with it.

It’s one of those menus that made me excited and I immediately wanted to order many more dishes than I knew I could actually handle – and they are all vegetarian Thai dishes!

Kuay Teow Yom Yum (Thai Noodles with Spicy Soup) – ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเจ

As I looked around the tiny restaurant, I noticed that most had ordered a bowl of tom yum, in some form or another. I took that as a hint to try the Kuay Teow Yom Yum (Thai Noodles with Spicy Soup).

It was most excellent for a vegetarian version. Nice and sour, lightly spicy, and just a tinge of creaminess to make rich soup broth. The noodles and other added fake meat ingredients acted to nicely soak up the delicious soup!

Price: 30 THB

Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi Vegetarian Restaurant - VIP Menu สุกี้เจหรูยี่
Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi Vegetarian Restaurant – VIP Menu

Inside of Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi Vegetarian Restaurant (สุกี้เจหรูยี่), it’s very small, only about 5 main tables. I actually had to share a table with a few elderly Chinese Thai ladies who were just sitting around drinking tea and enjoying themselves.

This is a real Senior hangout spot!

The cultural dining aspect reminded me a bit of eating Zanzibari Mix along with with a crew of elderly ladies in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

When I busted out the camera, they started smiling and asking me questions. When I wolfed down 3 dishes by myself, they started asking even more questions… They were all extremely nice!

There are all kinds of colorful menu items and specials plastered on the walls. A couple of the ladies pointed out some of their favorites, but I have no idea what they are now.

Thai Mixed Mushrooms
Pad Het Ruam (mixed mushrooms)

As a lover of mushrooms I had to order the Pad Het Ruam (mixed mushrooms). There must have been about 12 different kinds of mushrooms on this plate, it was like cubes of succulent steak.

Price: 80 THB

Thai yellow curry with rice
Khao Gaeng Gali (rice with yellow curry)

The final dish that caught my interest was this Khao Gaeng Gali (rice with yellow curry). At the time of ordering, I didn’t know that it would include a deep fried cutlet at the bottom (I try to avoid deep fried things, but every now and then I’ll go for it). I went for it this time and it was delicious.

I honestly could have been fooled that this was a deep fried piece of some kind of meat. The heavy battered and deep fried cutlet covered in a mild yellow curry and served with rice was pretty tasty. It really reminded me of a Japanese curry katsu.

Price: 50 THB

Suki Jeh Ru Yi - Bangkok Vegetarian Thai Restaurant
Suki Jeh Ru Yi – Bangkok Vegetarian Thai Restaurant

The Bottom Line

In a convenient location, just a 5 minute walk from Hua Lamphong, and with a smorgasbord of divine Thai Chinese all vegetarian food specialties, Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi is a Bangkok vegetarian cuisine powerhouse.

It’s a real authentic experience and you’ll be surrounded by traditional elderly folks drinking tea.

The food was delicious!

Su Ki Jeh Ru Yi – Bangkok Vegetarian Food

Address: 285 Soi Phraya Singhaseni Street, Bangkok, Thailand 13330
Hours: 9:00 – 22:00 Daily
Tel: 02 219 1721, 086 068 9384
Prices: Meals range from 30 THB all the way to 200 THB, everything I ordered cost somewhere around 150 THB.


285 ตรอกพระยาสิงห์เสนีย์ ถ.พระราม4 แขวงรองเมือง เขตปทุมวัน กทม. 10330
โทร. 02-219-1721
เปิด-ปิด 9.00-22.00 น. ( ทุกวัน )

How to Get There

The restaurant is located right around the corner from the Hua Lamphong MRT station. Take exit #3 and head backwards, away from the train station to get to Soi Phraya Singhaseni. Then it’s just 50 meters down the road on your right hand side.

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  • Rhema Hokama

    4 years ago

    We just went here tonight Mark! Thanks so much for posting this great review of this hidden gem! Would have never found this place without your research. Love your videos and blog!

  • yara

    8 years ago

    Wow, such a comprehensive list, so carefully made and organized, you must have put tons of work and time to build this up.

    Thank you so much for this, I’m a vegan starving in the Huang Lamphong station area, fortunally i bumped into this info and can finally get some warm food today.

    I’m starting to write a vegan’s world guide in Portuguese and this will be my starting point in Thailand.

    Keep up with the good work

    • Mark Wiens

      8 years ago

      Hey Yara, glad you found this place. How did you like the food? All the best with your vegan guide!

  • cherry cheung

    8 years ago

    I went there 2 times and its worth to go and very delicious, the price very cheap ! it is a good restaurant!

    • Mark Wiens

      8 years ago

      Great to hear that Cherry, I haven’t been back in a while, so glad to hear it’s still as good as before!

  • Daniela Burgess

    9 years ago

    Hi Mark,
    first of all thanks for that recommendation. It really is a great little restaurant and the food was fantastic! Just one correction: They do close at 9pm not 10pm!

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Thanks Daniela, I appreciate the updated information. Glad you enjoyed the food there!

  • shailesh kapadia

    10 years ago


    i am fr india.& coming to bkk. yr web site is great for vegi.foody like me.

    will love to meet u.& wish to give some indian veg.stuff fot taste,which u will never get chance to eat in rply me /or on my email yr contact no..
    will be staying in bkk at sukumvit rd hotel.
    my email add.
    [email protected].
    will reach bkk on 25th rply.

  • Heinrich Damm

    10 years ago

    Wow Mark! I’m sitting here in cold Europe and can only READ about all that what I think is a real culinary delight.
    I Think I must make me a list, which raan ahaan I must not miss during my next visit in Bangkok…

    Thank you for your mouthwatering posts.

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Heinrich! Hope you can find some good food while you are in cold Europe too – and definitely make that list for next time you are in Bangkok!