Restaurant: Kuay Teow Lookshin Disco, Beef Noodles

By Mark Wiens Bangkok

Restaurant Name ชื่อร้านอาหาร

Kuay Teow Lookshin Disco Restaurant

City / Place สถานที่


Open Hours เวลาเปิด – ปิด

10 am – 3 pm

Telephone Number เบอร์โทรศัพท์

02 245 6790

What to Order / Prices อาหารแนะนำ / ราคา

Kuay Teow Sen Lek Neua เส้นเล็กเนื้อ (Beef Noodle Soup) – 30 THB ($0.93 USD)

Description บรรยาย

This corner noodle eatery is famous for beef noodles and homemade pork balls.  The soup is served with a  generous portion of tender slow cooked beef, a few pork balls, and a handful of green onions.  It is always served piping hot with a mild meaty aroma, ready to be doused with a choice of peanuts, chili flakes, vinegar, or sprinkle of sugar. The staff and owners are extremely friendly and might even offer you a taste of their 11 am beer!

Opinion ความเห็น (Rate with Stars at the bottom!)

This is fantastic restaurant for lunchtime bowl of Thai beef noodles and some surprisingly delicious pork balls

thai beef noodle soup

Kuay Teow Neua

sen lek beef noodle soup

Close up view of the sen lek noodles and beef chunks

thai beef noodle soup

A couple spoons of chili flakes and vinegar for seasoning!

Address ที่อยู่

493/18 Thanon Ratchawithi (Victory Monument), Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400

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