Sweets, Treats, and Confidence at Bangkok’s Munjai Cafe

By Dwight Turner Bangkok
munjai cafe counter

Sweets, treats, and confidence!

Here’s a quick update on a cafe you should check out called Munjai Cafe, not so far from Klong Toey Market. It’s a cute cafe that’s a bit hard to find if you’re unfamiliar with the area, but it’s definitely worth the journey.

If you’re familiar with the social businesses in the Khlong Toey slum such as Helping Hands and Cooking with Poo, you may have already heard of Munjai Cafe which aims to train young people from the slum and give them new work experiences.

chocolate milkshake

I was super thirsty when I arrived and was a bit disappointed there were no fruit smoothies on the menu, but there are a few milkshakes.

Their motto is “Growing Confidence with Every Cup” and because it’s still more of a project than a full fledged business, they’re only open on the Thursday through Sunday.

It’s no secret that Mark and I love these types of initiatives if you can’t already tell by the posts we’ve written about similar places such as Help Live Coffee. And honestly, Bangkok should have more, but because it’s so expensive they don’t have near the selection you’ll find in places in like Chiang Mai or other cities in SE Asia.

munjai cafe menu

In general the menu prices range from 80 – 120 THB and there’s a good selection of both Thai and Western dishes.

anzac cookies

Cookies that lead to their facebook page.

Since the project is run by an Australian foundation, you can also find the menu and specials littered with Aussie snacks such as ANZAC cookies.

munjai cafe handicrafts

A selection of handicrafts

Also, the cafe was full of handicrafts like these aprons, hand bags and jewelry made from a selection of projects based in the Khlong Toey Slum.

There’s wifi, so you could come in and work for a bit if you wanted. I was also surprised to find the places is a really decent size, so it could hold a crowd if it needed to and had about twelve tables.

pomelo salad

Pomelo Salad at Munjai Cafe

On my first trip I tried both a Thai dish and something western, ordering the pomelo salad and a chicken ceasar wrap.

Both were good and I was hungry. I should have taken a pic after I poured the sauce all over the salad, but by then I was face deep in pomelo and couldn’t be bothered.

chicken ceaser wrap

Chicken Ceasar Wrap at Munjai Cafe

The wrap was tasty, but a bit flimsy. I made a mess (as usual). But I’d love to see this done with something thicker that’ll hold the ingredients and dressing better. I’m thinking pita bread would be awesome, but expensive.

Munjai Cafe Khlong Toey

Rocky Road Slice at Munjai Cafe

Finally, there was this rocky road slice which was delicious and a lot of other treats on the menu which I’ll be back to try.

The Bottom Line

This is a great place to grab some wifi and snacks while you’re hanging out in Bangkok. I’d love to see this place packed the next time I drop by. The food and service is ok, but keep in mind it’s very reasonably priced (you may spend 300-400 baht if you’re really hungry, but it’s more like 200 baht per person) and your purchases will help train someone.

Just eating alone, however, isn’t a donation so I’d highly recommend leaving a nice tip or a kind word in their comment box.

The cafe is used as a community center so you’ll find kids at play, handicrafts for sale (from projects helping all over Thailand), and occasional special events.

munjai cafe entrance

The entrance to Munjai Cafe

Munjai Cafe

Address: Shop 57, Rama 3 Rd, Soi 78, Khlong Toey, Bangkok
Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 9am-4pm
Phone Number: 02-671-0309

How to Get There:

Yes it’s a bit hard to find, so look for the flags in the area when you’re nearby. You can also find a helpful map on the Munjai Cafe website or call them if you’re lost.

munjai signs and van

If you happen to be going by public transportation, you’ll probably want to go as if you’re going to Khlong Toey market which is nearest the Queen Sirikit MRT Exit 1 (Tip: Normally if there’s no event happening at the convention center you can go our of Exit 4 and there will be taxis waiting). From there you can walk for about 20 minutes or jump in a cab for about five minutes. If you’re driving please note if you’re going up the ramp near Queen Sirikit to bypass the market intersection, the cafe is just past where the flyover spits you out on Rama 3, so don’t miss it!

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