Amazing Phuket Noodles at Mee Ao Gea (หมี่อ่าวเก)

By Mark Wiens Phuket
Amazing Phuket Noodles at Mee Ao Gea (หมี่อ่าวเก)

If you’re looking for delicious local noodles when you’re in Phuket, you’ve got to check out Mee Ao Gea (หมี่อ่าวเก).

Famous for Hokkien style yellow noodles served a number of different ways, they are a must-visit for various stir-fried noodle dishes, particularly the “Pad Mee Hokkien ผัดหมี่ฮกเกี้ยน”, a delicious mash up of Thai and Chinese flavors.

Years ago I had my first bowl of Hokkien noodles in Phuket, and it’s been a dish I lookout for every trip.

Inside of the restaurant

Mee Ao Gea (หมี่อ่าวเก) is a humble family run noodle restaurant in Phuket Town. The service and quality are consistently good, considering their chef has mastered his signature char technique for decades.

Pad Mee Hokkien (ผัดหมี่ฮกเกี้ยน)

The first dish you have to try is the thick yellow noodles, known as Mee Leung or Hokkien Mee, stir fried with pork and Chinese kale.

Also, don’t miss the soft boiled egg on top which adds an extra layer of sauciness when you break it open!

Be sure to season with chili flakes and chili vinegar according to your liking. Additionally, you’ll also have a plate of sliced red onions which you can add to your bowl, which bumps up the flavor.

Mee Hoon Pad w/Sen Mee (thin noodles)

Mee Hoon Pad (หมี่หุ้นผัด) with Sen mee (thin noodles)

While the thick yellow noodles are a standout, my personal favorite is their rendition with thin rice noodles (Mee Hoon Pad หมี่หุ้นผัด ), boasting an extra smoky and dry-fried texture. Instead of being saucy like the thicker Mee Leung, it’s stir fried dry with the egg scrambled in.

Again, be sure to season with vinegar, chili flakes, and sliced red onions.

It’s very tasty!

Moo Satay w/peanut sauce

Pork Satay (หมูสะเต๊ะ)

If you look around, you’ll also notice many people order their famous pork satay.

Sometimes pork satay can be a little too sweet for my liking, but theirs is quite nice, with a good balance of spice and coconut milk marinade. It also includes a peanut dipping sauce and pickled veggies.

Mee Ao Gea (หมี่อ่าวเก) is a great local restaurant in Phuket town, that serves tasty Hokkien style yellow noodles. It’s my go-to for a satisfying lunch fix in Phuket that never disappoints.

Mee Ao Gea (หมี่อ่าวเก)

Address: Talat Nuea, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Open hours: Everyday, 10AM-3PM
Prices: $3-$10 USD
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