Authentic Iranian Food Restaurant in Bangkok

By Mark Wiens 18 Comments
Iranian Food Menu
Iranian Food Menu

I had never eaten Iranian food before.

Walking down a soi (small street) in Bangkok one day, Dwight (co-foodie at Eating Thai Food) and I stumbled into a restaurant that we couldn’t pass-up, partly because it was a cuisine neither of us could ever remember eating.

We stepped inside the “Persia Food, Iranian Restaurant.” It was quiet, clean, and welcoming.

The menu included the selection of universal Middle Eastern grill dishes, things like lamb barbecue (150 THB) and kofta kebabs (180 THB). I’m sure these grilled meats would have been delicious at this Iranian Food restaurant in Bangkok, but this time around I went with food I had never seen or heard of before – dishes that looked pretty authentic Iranian.

Iranian Bread
Iranian Bread

We started out with a plate of Iranian bread. It wasn’t exactly the pita-ish bread that I was expecting – but I shouldn’t really have been expecting anything (since I’d never eaten Iranian food before).

It was thin like a tortilla but much more chewy and stretchy. It was a bread that you sort of have to chomp down and then yank a bit to get the bite off successfully.

Iranian Food in Bangkok
Gormeh Sabzi

We didn’t know it was one of the national dishes of Iran at the time of ordering, but either we were plain lucky or destined to order the Gormeh Sabzi (150 THB).

On the menu it was described as meat with parsley, coriander, and a few other vegetables. It slightly reminded me of something like an Indian palak paneer – a puréed spinach paste mixed with paneer cheese. The Gormeh Sabzi didn’t include the paneer, but included meat and a few other vegetables like kidney beans instead.

It was good, slightly sour, very mild, but an overall pleasant earthly flavor that was accented with a pungent aroma of parsley.

Barley Soup
Barley Soup

The barley soup was decent, it was good for what it was. It had a good home cooked flavor, however it seemed a little plain, there’s wasn’t enough taste embedded within the soup. I squeezed in a lime for a jolt of bite!

Iranian Food in Bangkok
Barberry Rice with Chicken

The last dish we ordered for the Iranian food feast showdown in Bangkok was the Barberry rice with chicken (200 THB). It emerged from the kitchen as a fluffy heap on a plate.

At first I thought the chicken may have been forgotten.

Bangkok Persian Food
Barberry Rice with Chicken

Those solemn feelings were shattered as soon as my fork plunged into the pile, coming back up with an abundance of bone tender chicken.

The barberry rice was quite good, a combination of fluffy white basmati rice, yellow fragrant rice, a sizable portion of chicken that literally slid off the bone, and some small raisin like sweet currants on top.

Bangkok Iranian Food
Iranian Restaurant in Bangkok

So the overall verdict of the Iranian Food Restaurant in Bangkok is very positive as an authentic place to get Persian favorites. The food tastes like it is home cooked and I very much enjoyed sampling dishes I had never had before – especially the Gormeh Sabzi.

However, the food in general seemed a little plain to me, not a lot of spice or flavor added to any of the dishes, similar to what I would say about mashed potatoes and roast. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but from living in Asia for so long, I like my food to explode in my mouth. Then again, perhaps my tongue has been demented by an overdose of chilies.

If you have never sampled Iranian food before, Bangkok has an authentic Persian restaurant! Go check it out and see what you think!

Where can I find Iranian Food in Bangkok?

The restaurant is located in the Silom area of Bangkok, right down the street from the Hindu temple known as Sri Maha Mariamman or Wat Kaek. It’s on Silom, Thanon Pan

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  • Hamed

    2 years ago

    Hey Mark.
    We have lots of dishes in Iran you should taste them immediately and we know you will love all of them.
    I recommend having all types of Iranian Kebab.
    In Iran each province has its special food and you can try all of them.
    We look forward to seeing you in Iran.

  • Mostefa Farrokhi

    3 years ago

    Hi Mark ,
    The Iranians have delicious foods
    and have good and kind peoples.
    welcome to Iran

  • alireza

    4 years ago

    Hi mark
    It’s apleasor to see that you like our food I’m sure if you travel to iran you will have more nice food , so harry up plz

  • sama

    4 years ago

    hope you visit our country
    we are waiting for you????
    be our guest in Iran

  • Mehrdad

    6 years ago

    Wow thank you man.
    I am from iran living in bkk now, and the only thing i miss the food of my country. Tired of stomachache already. I found this place on Google 3D view, i will head down there.
    You saved my life.

    • Mark Wiens

      6 years ago

      Hey Mehrdad, good to hear from you, glad you found this restaurant. Hope you enjoy the food!

      • Pedr

        5 years ago

        Do you happen to know what their policy on beer is? Do they sell it? Can you bring your own? or is it a strict Iranian/Muslim no-no? My son has an Iranian friend and wants to try the cuisine, but food without alcohol is quite intolerable!

  • Jenni P.

    6 years ago

    We went there just recently and we couldn’t really find it in the beginning, because the interior totally changed. It looks now really nice and has a persian atmosphere.

    The most important thing though, the food is really delicious and the prices are still really cheap. We got a lamb kebab, barberry rice like in the picture, yogurt with cucumber and a really interesting and delicious eggplant mousse with whey. We paid 530 baht with drinks included. Also we got free desert on top.

    We can really recommend it and the owner is really nice!

    • Mark Wiens

      6 years ago

      Hi Jenni,

      Thank you very much for the updated and recent report on this Iranian restaurant, and great news as well. I can honestly say it’s been years since I ate here, so it’s really helpful for the current update. I hope to eat here again soon, sounds delicious!

  • Jan

    9 years ago

    “since I’d never eaten Iranian food before”

    “dishes that looked pretty authentic Iranian”

    can would you be able to tell?

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      The owner is Iranian, so I presume his food is pretty authentic. After the meal I researched Iranian food online and discovered the dishes served were indeed normal authentic Iranian dishes.

      • Marie

        7 years ago

        Excellent restaurant à des prix très convenables. 2 entrées, 2 plats, 2 boissons: 690 BTH.
        Le propriétaire est un iranien et cela se ressent dans la cuisine qui est des plus authentique.
        Pour avoir de nombreuses fois mangé iranien, les plats étaient plus qu’à la hauteur de nos attentes. Ne pas se fier à l’aspect extérieur du restaurant ainsi qu’à l’absence de déco!
        Je recommande vivement ce restaurant.

  • Paulo

    10 years ago

    Mark, why don’t you weigh 300 lbs. Lol!

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      I’m hopefully taking the slow route!

      • Sahar

        4 years ago

        I am very pleased that you’ve enjoyed our food????????????hope to see you in Iran, soon :)

        • john

          4 years ago

          Hi sahar how are you?
          Which entree do you suggest from iranian food , how can i eat iranian food in your country?