Big Bite Bangkok

Bangkok’s Only Charity Tasting Market

Big Bite Bangkok is a series of outdoor markets featuring the best of the cityʼs small-scale artisanal food producers.

Food lovers from around the city come to taste, mingle, and donate money to charity.

At long last, a market for people who love food in all its forms: be it Thai, non-Thai, grilled, stir-fried, solid, liquid, or sold on a stick. From nam prik to bagels, doner kebab to freshly baked bread, Big Bite celebrates all that is delicious, edible, and thoughtfully made in Bangkok. The market will do this by featuring the handiwork of vendors from around the city.

Everyone attending the market samples big bites of the food on display for free. If they love what they taste, you can purchase bigger portions of the items from any of the vendors to eat or take home for later.

Dates, Details, and Donations

For the latest details about the event, check the Bangkok Fatty blog and you can also watch the ETF facebook page to make sure you’re invited!

If you can’t join the event, but would like to contribute to a good cause, you can help by visiting for details about the charity which works with victims of torture and trauma.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, helping promote the event, or showcasing your food, please contact dwight [at] with your inquiries.

For more info see Bangkok Fatty!