VIDEO: Isaan Thai Street Food Menu

By Mark Wiens
VIDEO: Isaan Thai Street Food Menu
Thai Street Food Menu

Thai Street Food Menu

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a quick video I shot at a local Isaan restaurant on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 29, a Bangkok street food paradise!

(if you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on Youtube)

Here are the dishes that I ordered off the menu during this Isaan meal:

1. Som Tam Thai (ส้มตำไทย) – This is the very popular Thai green papaya salad dressed in lime juice and fish sauce. It’s an outstanding dish to try in Thailand and is one of the most widely available dishes on the Thai food menu!

By the way, in the video I ordered my Sam Tam with ‘prik ha met (พริก 5 เม็ด),’ meaning ‘with 5 chillies.’ You can change the ‘ha (5)’ to another number if you like. 1 – neung, 2 – song, 3 – sam, 4 – see, 5 – ha, etc.

2. Larb Pla Duk (ลาบปลาดุก) – One of my favorite Thai street food dishes is salad made with spicy roasted catfish. The catfish is deboned and mixed with a handful of other delicious Thai spices to make it fantastic!

3. Nam Tok Moo (น้ำตกหมู) – Grilled pork neck is sliced up and dressed with a delicious dressing that includes fish sauce and lime juice. This Thai dish off the menu works great for dipping your sticky rice in!

I ordered it “mai man (ไม่มัน),” meaning “without fat.” You can learn how to order your Thai food just the way you want it!

4. Yam Ruam Mit Talay (ยำรวมมิตรทะเล) – A popular Thai street food to eat is a mixed mung bean noodle salad. The clear noodles are often mixed with your choice of seafood and and then are nicely flavored with lime juice.

5. Tom Saap Sekong Moo (ต้มแซบซี่โครงหมู) – To round out a complete Thai meal, it’s necessary to have a soup along with your other dishes. At this Thai food market I enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup flavored with pork ribs!

Thanks for watching!

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