Vegetarian Thai Food Guide

Are you ready to start eating delicious vegetarian Thai food?

With the information in the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide, you can eat delicious vegetarian Thai food and order whatever you want, exactly the way you want it.

The Vegetarian Thai Food Guide is the information and results of over 2 years of eating in Thailand and the successful completion of a 1-month vegetarian Thai food challenge!

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The Vegetarian Thai Food Guide is an e-book packed with all kinds of tips and food ordering advice to assist you in eating the best possible vegetarian food in Thailand.

  • Important Vegetarian Food Phrases: Huge section of vegetarian targeted phrases written in English, Thai transcriptions, and Thai script – to help you make ordering vegetarian Thai food simple and successful!
  • How to Order Vegetarian Thai Food: Learn the basic steps of ordering vegetarian Thai food from both normal Thai restaurants / street stalls, and also from designated vegetarian restaurants.
  • Vegetarian Culture in Thailand: Learn what Thais think about vegetarians and vegans in Thailand
  • 10 Things I Learned Being a Vegetarian in Thailand: A few personal tips I’ve picked up for successfully eating vegetarian Thai food in Thailand.
  • Vegetarian Food Guide: The ultimate roundup of the different styles of Thai cuisine and how you can order vegetarian versions.
  • Thai Jay (vegan) Food: Jay Food is essentially Thai vegan food. There is an annual Jay Festival (vegetarian festival) in Thailand and you’ll learn about the food involved!
  • Thai Dining Etiquette: Learn how to eat Thai food the right way in Thailand!
  • 10 Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok: During my 1-month vegetarian Thai food challenge, I was able to discover the entire world of vegetarian friendly restaurants in Bangkok, and here are my top 10 favorites and what to order!
  • Thai Vegetarian Desserts: Like sweets? The guide covers some of the most delicious Thai sweet treats that are fully vegan!
  • BONUS – Thai Fruit Guide (Pictures): Over 50 of the most common Thai fruits written in English and Thai and including a photo!

Note: This is an e-book. After ordering, you will be instantly able to download the guide right onto your own computer!


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Vegetarian Thai Street Food

Thailand is famous for its street food – and not enjoying street food while in Thailand would be downright disappointing.

But…specific vegetarian street food stalls don’t exist in Thailand.

This guide will offer you a huge range of vegetarian dishes to eat and exact details on how to order them – so you can dine on the streets of Thailand (at non-vegetarian restaurants) and eat only vegetarian Thai food!

Do You Eat a lot of Mixed Vegetables over Rice?

While that can be good, there is so much more vegetarian Thai food.

Discover new vegetarian dishes and how to order them.

Vegetarian Thai Food Guide

The 'Vegetarian Thai Food Guide' will teach you exactly how to order the tastiest vegetarian and vegan dishes in Thailand!

What do others think?

“This is the first and only guide of its kind on how to eat authentic Thai food in Bangkok as a vegan or vegetarian, from street cart to family restaurant. The Vegetarian Thai Food Guide unlocks the mystery behind sauces, pastes, and mysterious ingredients, and presents over 50 meals you can safely put on your plate and into your belly, all while maintaining your dietary code of ethics. You’ll never go hungry in Thailand again!” – Jennifer (De-Hydrated Raw Food Classes and Retreats in Bangkok)

“Clean, concise, and complete. This guide lacks nothing when it comes to vegetarian dining in Thailand!” – Joel Bruner (Vegetarian Expat in Thailand)

What is an E-book?

The Vegetarian Thai Food Guide is an e-book in PDF format.

This means that as soon as you order it, you’ll be able to instantly download it as a file and have immediate access to the entire  guide on your own computer!

Just click the “Add to Cart” button and you’ll be browsing tasty vegetarian Thai food within seconds!

Order Now – 100% Risk Free Guarantee!

I am so confident that the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide will help you eat the best vegetarian food that I am offering it to you completely risk-free. If you read the guide and don’t learn anything, get back to me within 3 days and I will refund your money.

You have nothing to lose (only a lot of vegetarian Thai food to gain)!

I really want you to get the absolute most from your Thailand vegetarian food experience and I know the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide will take you there!

– Mark Wiens (Author of the Vegetarian Thai Food Guide)

Vegetarian Thai Food

The Vegetarian Thai Food Guide teaches you how to order completely vegetarian/vegan food at normal Thai street food restaurants!

“It’s a liberating work for people who are tired of seeking out specific “vegetarian” cafes or restaurants and instead just want some fried noodles on a street corner.” –

How much does it cost?

The entire Vegetarian Thai Food Guide is available instantly for just $7 USD.

Are you ready to eat delicious vegetarian Thai food?

The information and results of eating in Thailand for over 2 years and successfully completing a 1-month vegetarian Thai food challenge all packaged into 68 pages of valuable vegetarian information is available to you for just $7 USD. That’s it!

“The Vegetarian Thai Food Guide is filled with tips on how to order in Thai (which I love!) what to order, where to find great vegan dishes and beautiful desserts, for anyone visiting Thailand or wanting to visit Thailand it’s one comprehensive guide you must read.” – Preeti Vadgama (

Start eating the tastiest vegetarian Thai food now!

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