Stir Fried Frog with Basil

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Weird Food อาหารแปลก

Kob Pad Gra Pao กบผัดกระเพา

(gòp pàt grà pao)

Stir Fried Frog with Basil

Description บรรยาย

Frog legs and assorted pieces stir fried up with chilies, garlic, and basil.  Frog tastes a lot like white meat succulent chicken and remains juicy and tender after being seared in hot oil from a wok.  The added spices and flavor aid in creating a lip-licking dish!

Thai stir fried frog
Stir Fried Frog กบผัดกระเพา

pad gra pao kob frog
Frog seared in a hot oiled wok to perfection!

Honest opinion? ความคิดเห็นน่าเชื่อถือ

The chunks of frog meat are incredibly tasty.  The only annoying part is the small bites of meat, full of bones.  Working around the bones tends to get a little tedious if you are super hungry.

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