Revisiting Bangkok’s Tripadvisor Champ Seven Spoons

By Dwight Turner Bangkok
Seven Spoons Bangkok

Outside of Seven Spoons a street food vendor searches the sky for answers about his TripAdvisor score.

Ever used TripAdvisor (TA) to find a restaurant?

Perhaps you use it religiously or if you’re skeptic like me, you avoid drawing ANY conclusions about a restaurant solely based on their TA rating.

Seven Spoons Bangkok

When I asked if there were any special cocktails a mysterious bottle labeled, “Madagascan Vanilla Syrup” shows up…

There’s enough scrupulous restaurants ranked highly on TA to make anyone knowledgeable about the Bangkok restaurant scene slap themselves in disbelief.

But my TA rant is over because Seven Spoons, thankfully, is not one of them.

(Pro tip: If you must leave your digestive destiny in the hands of strangers, you should at least choose someone like Bangkok Glutton)

Seven Spoons Bangkok

Experimental Cocktail: Pucker up, this badboy is super tart.

No this is the absolutely tiny, quaint place on the other side of town (Bangkok’s old city, near Nang Lerng market) that I don’t get to visit enough.

The first cocktail, the bartender’s most recent experiment, was a reminder of why I wish I was around more!

Refreshingly tart and strong and got me curious about what other surprises awaited as I surveyed the menu.

Seven Spoons Bangkok

Thick  wholegrain bread with sesame seeds and oats.

I’m no newbie to Seven Spoons. Mark and I gave Seven Spoons a preview visit before they opened a few years ago on the first day of our month long vegetarian challenge.

And I wrote about a quick organic fix here last year as the city’s health food scene was just beginning to pickup real momentum.

However, I’m embarrassed to say it’s been much too long since I visited this awesome restaurant.

Seven Spoons Bangkok

Heat Relief: Summer days watermelon and tomato feta salad

I ducked in just in time too. It was one of those Bangkok days that evaporates you and immediately ordered the watermelon and feta salad after my cocktail was in hand.

I was lucky to get a table while no one else was around which afforded some time to pause between the surprisingly filling courses and chat a bit with the bartender.

Seven Spoons Bangkok

Filling Vegetarian Dish: Giant stuffed tortellini with pecorino, butternut squash, and peas in lemon butter sauce

The first main dish was a serving of giant vegetarian tortellinis sprinkled with pine nuts.

They were out of the spinach normally stuffed in them, so it was replaced with peas. I didn’t mind because it was really the pecorino and butternut squash combo that shines through the hand wrapped al dente pasta.

Seven Spoons Bangkok

Signature Cocktail: Silver Spoon – Thailand smiles with Martini bianco, spiced rum, lime wedges and galangal.

The tortellini was surprisingly filling and in my mind imagined they would be small like the average tortellini.

Nope, they were giant and I needed to wash them down with a strong and dry signature cocktail called the Silver Spoon.

Martini blanco and rum with the surprise spice of galangal? I don’t think I could have ordered a cocktail any more different than the first.

I avoided the standard cocktails you see on everyone’s menu and I’m glad I did. If you like Martini blanco try this and if you can handle the spice throw a few shreds of the galangal from the cocktail in your mouth –haha or not. It’s spicier than it looks!

Seven Spoons Bangkok

Impressive: Pan-seared white snapper with lavender cream sauce and pistachios

Once the fish hit the table the tortellini was overshadowed.

The perfectly cooked white snapper was large, crispy on the outside and floating on an island of pumpkin in a creamy sauce.

The fish was so good it stuck in my mind even as dessert came and went.

Seven Spoons Bangkok

The closer: Sea salt caramel crème brulee

Seven Spoons Bangkok

The Bottom Line

You’ve gotta call and book because there are only a few tables at Seven Spoons. The small space, however, is part of what gives the restaurant it’s unique charm. The small floorspace also means the service should be friendly and attentive — and is likely the reason they do so well on review sites like TripAdvisor.

Expect delicious food with extra detail given to the ingredients. Great for vegetarians and conscious eaters as the menu is organic and seasonal.

The price will also make you smile! I spent just a little more than 1000 baht even with cocktails, which is a great value for such hearty, high quality food and drinks.

Seven Spoons

Address: 211 Chakkrapatipong Road, Khet Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok, 10100
Hours: Daily from 6pm – Midnight, except Mondays
Phone: (02) 628-4588 or (084) 539-1819
Prices: 120-300 THB per dish

How to get there:

Get in a taxi and hope to the food gods he know where he’s going and call the restaurant when you get lost. Usually the taxi can at least get you to the Lan Luang intersection where you can jump out search around until you find Seven Spoons a 50 meters or so from the intersection next to a motorbike repair shop. If you’re super savvy use the nearby canal boat pier to get here from Siam and skip all the traffic.

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