Restaurant: Ta Bun Tum

By Mark Wiens Bangkok

Restaurant Name ชื่อร้านอาหาร

Ta Bun Tum

City / Place สถานที่

Pinklao, Bangkok, Thailand

Open Hours เวลาเปิด – ปิด

11 am – 8 pm

Telephone Number เบอร์โทรศัพท์

0847 070 2950

What to Order / Prices อาหารแนะนำ / ราคา

  • Pad prik gaeng gai (chili curry chicken) – 30 baht
  • Gai pad kee mao (fried rice noodles)
  • Khao pad tom yum (spicy soup fried rice) – 30 baht
  • Guay teow lui suan (Thai fresh summer rolls) – 30 baht

Pay about street food prices at these restaurants.

Pad Prik Gaeng Gai

Shrimp fried with basil

Pad Grapao Goong


Khao Pad Tom Yum ข้าวผัดต้มยำไก่


Kuay Teow Lui Suan ก๋วยเตี๋ยวลุยสวน

thai fried drunken noodles

Gai Pad Kee Mao Sen Yai ไก่ผัดขี้เมาเส้นใหญ่

Description บรรยาย

In the back of the clothing market next to Major Pinklao shopping center are a few world class eateries, serving all the shop owners and shoppers.  There is a wide selection of food here from Isaan to Southern to normal Thai food.  A menu is available, though if you know the dish you want, the process is a lot more hassle free.

Opinion ความเห็น (Rate with Stars at the bottom!)

Great restaurant if you happen to be in the area for lunch, but don’t go too far out of your way to eat here as there are countless others equal in Bangkok.  I always enjoy the khao pad tom yum and kuay teow lui suan.  The staff are friendly and there is a great diversity of dishes to order.

Address ที่อยู่

Pin Ngen Market block R28-R29, Market next to Major Pinklao

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