HelpLive Coffee Kiosk in Bangkok – Great Coffee With an Even Better Cause

By Mark Wiens Bangkok
HelpLive Coffee Kiosk, Bangkok, Thailand

HelpLive Coffee Kiosk, Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re in Bangkok and love coffee, you don’t want to miss HelpLive coffee kiosk!

Started by a couple personal friends of mine, HelpLive is an organization that aims to help and provide for needy children. Their main project is supporting an orphanage located in northwestern Thailand on the border of Myanmar.

So where does coffee come into play?

My HelpLive latte

My HelpLive latte

In order to raise money and be able to provide shelter and necessities for needy children, HelpLive decided to open a coffee kiosk in the Silom business area of town. Now, there is not just a single coffee kiosk, but three different locations in Bangkok.

Their menu is simple, consisting of just a number of different coffee choices like espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, or mocha, in either hot or iced form.

The last time I stopped by, I ordered an iced latte, which was nothing short of marvelous, creamy, and strong.

Chocolatey cocoa

Chocolatey cocoa

If coffee isn’t your thing, you’ll also find a chocolatey cup of iced cocoa or a green tea latte on the menu.

HelpLive Thailand

HelpLive Thailand

But what’s better than their coffee?

Despite their coffee being excellent, for every cup of coffee you buy at HelpLive coffee shop in Bangkok, you’ll also be buying a meal for a child in need.

Did you get that? 

Now that’s what I call WIN-WIN. For just 45 Thai Baht you get a wonderful cup of coffee and the money you spend will also purchase a meal for a child.

Don't forget your card either!

Don’t forget your card either!

And if you’re in Bangkok for a while, be sure to grab one of the HelpLive frequent coffee cards where you’ll get your 10th cup for free – and even your free cup will buy a meal!

HelpLive Coffee Kiosk - Chong Nonsi BTS Exit 3 or 4, Bangkok, Thailand

HelpLive Coffee Kiosk – Chong Nonsi BTS Exit 3 or 4, Bangkok, Thailand

HelpLive Thailand Coffee

Location #1: Silom, Thanon Saladaeng – it’s just a 5 minute walk from Sala Daeng BTS station. Head to Thanon Saladaeng and the coffee kiosk is on your left hand side just outside Adam’s Organic store. Open Monday-Friday from 6 am-2 pm.

Location #2: Chong Nonsi BTS Station (the location pictured) – Take the BTS to Chong Nonsi and follow the signs for Exit 3 or 4, and you’ll see the HelpLive coffee kiosk right there. Open Monday-Friday from 6 am-2 pm.

Location #3: Near Bangkok’s flower market (Pak Khlong Talad). This location is actually inside the Farm To Table organic cafe. Open daily from 7 am-9pm.

Coffees cost just 40 – 45 Thai Baht, and while you’ll get a delicious cup of coffee, you’ll also be purchasing a meal for a needy child at the same time!

When you’re in Bangkok, head out to HelpLive coffee kiosk, bring your friends and enjoy!

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