Ethiopian Restaurant in Bangkok: The Ultimate Mixed Plate

By Mark Wiens Bangkok
Ethiopian restaurant in Bangkok

Ethiopian restaurant in Bangkok

Apart from Thai food, Ethiopian food has long been one of my favorite cuisines in the world.

I vividly remember my first bite of Ethiopian food, a home cooked meal that was prepared by some Ethiopian friends of mine while I was living in Nairobi, Kenya.

My eyes closed and I cherished that bite like it was gold… until swallowing and taking another bite… and another bite until I was so stuffed the only thing I could physically do was take a nap.

Ok, enough of my love for Ethiopian food and on to the new Ethiopian restaurant in Bangkok, and it’s simply Ethiopian Restaurant.

Ultimate combo at Ethiopian Restaurant in Bangkok

Ultimate combo at Ethiopian Restaurant in Bangkok

In 2009, I had read that there was an Ethiopian restaurant in Bangkok, in the Nana area on Sukhumvit Soi 3.

So years ago, I decided to explore the region and search for the restaurant. Three hours later, and after asking numerous business owners in the vicinity if they had any clue where it was, I came home with an empty stomach (ok, well not really, I just ate Thai food instead).

I was disappointed. The Ethiopian restaurant no longer existed.

I had to wait until returning back to Africa where I stuffed my face at The Smart Village in Nairobi about eight times in the course of two weeks to get my fill before coming back to Bangkok.

Doro Wot - famous Ethiopian stewed chicken and eggs

Doro Wot – famous Ethiopian stewed chicken and eggs

Having given up hope for any Ethiopian food in Bangkok, I wasn’t expecting to hear about a new one in the near future.

But fellow Ethiopian food connoisseur Kevin Revolinski, heard about a new spot, checked it out and we all decided to try it for first time.

The menu includes most of the Ethiopian food classics: kitfo, doro wot, tibs, shiro wot, alicha wot, and the glorious realm of different side dishes.

We chose, the mixed ultimate plate – a 700 THB platter of everything you see in the photos. Mixed vegetarian sides, a generous bowl of raw hamburger kitfo paired with paneer like cheese, and a centerpiece of famous doro wot, chicken stew simmered in berbere spices.

While the vegetarian dishes were a little on the mild side, both the kitfo and the doro wot were superb!

Kitfo - raw minced beef mixed with spices and Ethiopian butter

Kitfo – raw minced beef mixed with spices and Ethiopian butter

So go get some Ethiopian food in Bangkok now!

It’s located in an ex-club, so the entrance is kind of dark and night club like, but once you get inside it’s a normal looking Ethiopian restaurant with dim lights and a stage set-up for a live band – but not sure at all when that goes down.

The Bottom Line

With great Korean food, Japanese food and Lebanese food in Bangkok, it’s great to finally add Ethiopian food to the array of international restaurants.

Ethiopian Restaurant served delicious food, the injera was wonderful as well as the doro wot and the kitfo. The vegetables dishes could have been a bit stronger spiced.

Overall, excellent food and the staff were all very friendly and eager to have customers!

Ethiopian Restaurant in Bangkok

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 3, less than 100 meters down the road on the left hand side.
Hours: 11 am – 10 pm daily
Phone: 089 798 1307
Prices: The mixed ultimate platter costs 700 THB and that fed 3 of us. There is aslo, I think a 17% addition for tax and tips. You’ll likely spend 300 – 400 THB per person.

How To Get There:

Take the BTS Skytrain to either Nana or Phloen Chit station. Walk to Sukhumvit Soi 3 and walk down on your left side about 100 meters until you see the green, yellow and red sign that reads Ethiopian Restaurant.

When we went, the yellow shutter gate was closed, making it look like the restaurant was shut, but in reality it’s open. Go to the right of the shutter.

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