Restaurant: Param 9 Kai Yang

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Restaurant Name ชื่อร้านอาหาร

Param 9 Kai Yang

City / Place สถานที่

Bangkok, Thailand

Open Hours เวลาเปิด – ปิด

10 am – 8:30 pm, Open everyday except Monday

Telephone Number เบอร์โทรศัพท์

02 719 8039

What to Order / Prices   อาหารแนะนำ / ราคา

The menu is provided via a checklist making it convenient to order (if you can read Thai).  Otherwise Param 9 Kai Yang serves all Isaan specialties and more.

Little more expensive than street food prices but well worth the nice seating and environment.  Expect to pay 100 – 200 baht per person for a highly satisfying feast.  Can get by on less, depending on food spread.

Param 9 Kai Yang
Param 9 Kai Yang Menu Checklist

Description บรรยาย

Located in a quiet tropical environment on the side of the noisy Rama 9 highway is Param 9 Kai Yang restaurant.  At the entrance it almost seems like a small market with ladies making Thai pancakes and desserts (khanom wan).  In the middle of the large seating area is a laptop station where all the billing is being handled.  On the weekends this restaurant can be hopping with hungry guests.

Honest Opinion ความเห็น

The Isaan food here was scrumptious.  I thought the Gai Yang (grilled chicken) was a little dried out, but the larb pla duk, som tam, and pla chon pao were outstanding.  Another great addition about Param 9 Kai Yang is that it is an open-air large area with seating for a few hundred people.  Don’t hesitate to bring a huge group here.

Don’t forget to eat the nam kang sai for dessert. It’s display and taste was immaculate.

Nam Kang Sai น้ำแข็งไส
Isaan food in Bangkok
Isaan Feast at Param 9 Kai Yang
Thai pork salad
Larb Moo
Larb Pla Duk ลาบปลาดุก
Grilled Pork Neck
Kor Moo Yang
Laos Sausage
Sai Ooa - Isaan Sausage

Address ที่อยู่

54 Rama 9, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240

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