Invigorating Ginger Soup with Black Sesame Filled Dumplings (Bua Loy Nam Khing)

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Bua Loy Nam Khing (บัวลอยน้ำขิง)
Bua Loy Nam Khing (บัวลอยน้ำขิง)

Yaowarat (Chinatown) is home to a fantastic array of Bangkok street food which includes a number of carts that specialize in Thai Chinese sweet treats.

Thai desserts
Yaowarat, Chinatown, Bangkok

In Yaowarat where only the fittest street carts survive, it’s pretty safe to assume that if the stall is bumping with business, they are serving something delicious.

Bua Loy Nam Khing (บัวลอยน้ำขิง)
Bua Loy Nam Khing (บัวลอยน้ำขิง)

One of my favorite sweet Thai treats is Bua Loy Nam Khing (บัวลอยน้ำขิง), little rice flour dumplings filled with black sesame butter and swimming in invigorating ginger water. I could eat this all day.

The soup is powerful and soothing on the throat and the little dumplings burst with a nutty sesame sensation.

This particular bowl also included the healthy gingko nuts called pae guay in Thai.

Price – 50 THB (without the extra health nuts it’s 30 THB)

Cantaloup and green tapioca pearls in cool milk
Cantaloup and green tapioca pearls in cool milk

We also tried the little chunks of cantaloup and green tapioca pearls in cool milk. It was very refreshing and I really like this combination too. Being not too sweet and a little bit fruity, it was perfect for me.

Price – 40 THB

Street Dessert Stall in Yaowarat, Bangkok, Thailand
Street Dessert Stall in Yaowarat, Bangkok, Thailand


Great little stall for delightful bua loy and nam khing in Yaowarat. I love the strength of the ginger. It’s a bit expensive but normal price for being in its location.

Bua Loy Nam Khing Yaowarat:

These soupy Thai desserts are found all over Bangkok and are quite popular throughout all of Yaowarat (Chinatown). I ate these particular bowls a stall that opens in the evening directly opposite the White Orchid Hotel on Thanon Yaowarat.
Open Hours: Opens starting in the evening till late at night

They have a phone number but no address: 085 188 1085

How To Get There:

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  • kiki

    7 years ago

    looks like a must!
    can’t wait to try it!
    is it served hot or cold?

    by the way, nice page/videos/pictures/info

    kopun krap!


    8 years ago

    hi mark…………..congratulations. love everything on your site.
    how many girls have proposed to you?
    i will be traveling with a Mexican friend, retired gynecologist and in Bangkok for
    only Oct.10,11,12 as part of a three week tour Thailand, Cambodia, and Viet Nam.
    we would love to invite you for a deluxe dinner, your choice, while we are there.
    all you have to do is share sparkling conversation.
    some good advice: if you can’t remember something……………………..just forget it.
    best wishes and thanks for all the great hints. you are a real genious.
    i am a retired art teacher living in Cuernavaca Mexico for the past 22 years.

    • Mark Wiens

      8 years ago

      Hey Bill, thank you very much, and great to hear you’ll be coming to Thailand. Thank you very much for the offer. I’m not if I’ll be in Thailand when you’re here, I’ll be traveling to Africa until mid October, I think the 16th… so unfortunately I think we’ll miss each other. But thank you so much for the invitation!