Crock-pot Glory: French Dip Beef & Blue Cheese Sandwich

By Mark Wiens 4 Comments

Peek into this crock-pot, see anything you want?


This beef brisket has been bubbling for hours and it’s time to slice it up and put it on my sandwich!

If you’re not familiar with a French dip sandwich, it’s basically a sammy served ‘au jus‘ or with the juice from the meat. Meaning they ALSO dipped the juice out of the crock pot for you to enjoy by dipping the sandwich in.


Imagine thick, crunchy French bread soggy from brisket juice!

The beef brisket and blue cheese sandwich with all the pickled banh mi toppings is the special right now at Vietnamese & More.

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  • Prasanna Kohli

    8 years ago

    Hey thts a awesome sandwich looks so yummy….i want to ask u tht i hv been to thailand couple of times…i am from india and big fond of cooking…i do cooking everyday…sandwich , fried chicken , rolls and other type of cuisines..when i realise tht i am a good chef i think to start any small food business in bangkok. I love thailand very much.. so i think to start something snacks on streets of bangkok say me it is possible for me to start or its difficult to do…i hv few friends in bangkok too..but i dnt know how i can start on streets..if u hv any idea please share it

    • Dwight Turner

      8 years ago

      Hi Prasanna, I’m not sure about the legality or what kind of permits you would need to have a street food cart, BUT having some affordable or even street style Inidan snacks more available in Bangkok would be awesome. You could also check doing catering and special events like the Epicurean market or even the food market we host called Big Bite. I wish you the best of the luck if you do try this and please let us know how things turn out!

  • Maria

    8 years ago

    Blissfully Beautiful Sandwich. mmmmmm