Easy Thai Tom Yum Soup Recipe (Sour Spicy Soup)

By Mark Wiens 33 Comments

This is probably one of the easiest recipes to make Thai tom yum goong soup (Thai spicy and sour shrimp soup, ต้มยำกุ้งน้ำใส). Feel free to modify the recipe to suit your own interests or add ingredients to you own liking.

Should take no more than 20 – 30 minutes to make.

IngredientsEasy Thai Tom Yum Soup Recipe

Steps to Making Easy Thai Tom Yum Soup!

Step 1:
Lemongrass, Thailand
Thai soup recip

Slice up the lemongrass, galangal, tomatoes, chilies, mushrooms, and shrimp

Step 2:Boil Water

Boil about half a medium sauce pot of water

Step 3:lemongrass

When the water is boiling, add the sliced galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves

Step 4:Shrimp

Boil for about 5 minutes and then add the shrimp

Step 5:add chiliesThai soup recipe

Boil for another 5 minutes and add the sliced Thai chilies and the mushrooms

Step 6:Thai sour soup

Boil for 2 minutes and add the chopped tomatoes

Step 7:Thai spicy sour soup recipe

Boil the easy tom yum soup for about 5 minutes

Step 8:Thai soup recipe

Add a few squirts of fish sauce, about 1 teaspoon to start with (and you can add more if needed)

Step 9:Easy Thai recipes

If the soup is slightly bitter, add about 1 teaspoon of sugar, boil the soup for another 5 minutes

Step 10: Last Step IMPORTANTThai lime juice

Take the pot off the heat and add squeeze in the lime juice (if it’s on the stove still, the heat will turn the lime juice bitter – so take it off the stove before adding the lime juice) – make it sour!

Easy Thai Tom Yum Soup Recipe

That’s it – you’ve got delicious and easy Thai tom yum soup! Add some cilantro to garnish if you would like.


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  • Sheila

    11 months ago

    Going to cook this today with clams and chicken

  • Lisa

    1 year ago

    So easy to follow, has flavour and body and was such good recipe for me to find as this is my 1st time making tom yum
    Love the detailed steps, super helpful

  • Karthika

    1 year ago

    Excellent recipe. My favourite. Thank you Mark for sharing this recipe. I am currently learning thai language

  • Adam

    1 year ago

    It’s not the heat, but the lime seeds that make it tastes bitter. Don’t ever allow a single piece

    • Joel Bruner

      1 year ago

      Thats a good recommendation Adam, thank you for writing!

  • Monica

    2 years ago

    What do you add to the soup to thicken it? Any special paste to prepare. I don’t like using readymade paste

  • June

    2 years ago

    Tried today. Nice and healthy

  • Samantha

    2 years ago

    The way you explain to make the Tom yam soup is great…..thank you very much…..

  • Lisa

    2 years ago

    This was so easy and so delicious!

  • Denny

    3 years ago

    Hi,Mark Weins! I have a quick question, did you add instant tom yam paste? If the answer is yes, what brand is the best? Thanks a bunch.

  • Loves Food

    3 years ago

    How many serving is this???

  • mikha

    3 years ago

    Good spices. Thank you. But I rather use 2 chili only because I like just a little spicy, and I use vegetables instead of shrimp.

  • Cristina

    3 years ago

    During my visit in Bangkok, Tom Yum and Pad Thai are the two dishes I never missed out eating. Though I am not a 100% fan of spicy food, Tom Yum became one of my favorites. I would really love to try this at home.

  • kyla

    3 years ago

    hello. if my tomyum soup taste a little diluted, what should i do to salvage it?

    • Heather

      3 years ago

      Use chicken stock

  • Jeff

    4 years ago

    I used 8 of red Thai chilles like the recipe called for and it is burning my face off. Flavour is right but need to cut number of chilles in half.

  • Kunuk

    4 years ago

    Add the shrimp at the very end so they don’t overcook and shrink. You can also cook the shells in a little bit of oil, along with some herbs of your choice. Add water, cook for about 10 minutes, strain, do the rest as above. You get a bit more flavour that way.

  • Irene Lee

    4 years ago

    Thank you. The Tom yum soup is simple and easy to follow recipe.

  • Michele

    4 years ago

    Easy and delicious! I added a TSP of satay paste just to add a wee bit more spice. Otherwise great recipe.

    • Michele

      4 years ago

      I also added glass noodles.

    • Mark Wiens

      4 years ago

      Thanks Michele!

  • Amy

    4 years ago

    I have decided that big pots of this soup is what I need to survive winter. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Mark Wiens

      4 years ago

      Hey Amy, you’re welcome, and tom yum is a great idea for winter!

  • Robert

    5 years ago

    Ingredients look right but the shrimp cook for how long?

  • Cetrix

    5 years ago

    Thats help, thanks alot

  • Christina

    7 years ago

    May I know how many people does the easy thai tom yum soup recipe serves?

  • Khun VICHO

    9 years ago

    Hi Mark!

    My question is … What about a little bit of Nam Prik Pao? I miss it in your easy Tom Yum soupo recipe.

    Best Regards,
    Khun VICHO