Dish It: The Vegetarian Cottage’s Fake Meat Motherload

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I’d like to say, if all you look at is the map at the bottom of this blog post, you have a great advantage that I didn’t finding this hidden spot for Thai vegetarian food (menu has some other dishes too)!

The place is hard to find, then you see a little park and all of a sudden you’re in this beautiful colonial style house, surrounded by fake meat.

The garden at The Vegetarian Cottage
The garden at The Vegetarian Cottage
Signature Cocktail: The Fall Down
Signature Cocktail: The Fall Down

Finally found it, but needed an emergency aperitif, so I had their signature Fall Down cocktail made with tequila, gin, dry sherry, and cream de cassis.

Was pretty strong. I suspect that for the average vegetarian knocking back a few of these, you wouldn’t care if they were serving real meat or not.

But on to the faux-carnage!

Fake duck red vegetarian curry
Fake duck red vegetarian curry (150 THB)

First out the kitchen was a yummy curry with a soy protein fake duck. It wouldn’t fool you into thinking it was really meat, but they went to a lot of work to make it similar. I was surprised there was even a layer of fake skin on the duck and overall I approve of it’s fakeness.

Spicy Mushroom Salad (120 THB)

Spicy mushroom salad to share, was light and packing some heat. Another cocktail please.

Meatless Mania: Fish?
Meatless Mania: Fish?

There’s sirloin steak on the menu, but because I didn’t want to get upset at anyone, I ordered the fish instead.

Errr… now I’m fake full, but these real fried bananas helped.

Real Fried Bananas with Ice Cream
Real Fried Bananas with Ice Cream

The Bottom Line

Once you find this place, I have to say the atmosphere is pretty surreal. Love the old house, you’re kind of transported to some meatless world where things are quiet, beautiful, and green. The service was excellent, even if everything was a bit more old school than I would usually prefer. Expect an older crowd and both Thais and foreigners hanging out as the prices are pretty reasonable.

The best vegetarian food in Asia? Not even the best in Bangkok. But I’ll give them the crown for the best fake meat I’ve had in Asia.

The Vegetarian Cottage: S.P.A. Foods
The Vegetarian Cottage: S.P.A. Foods

The Vegetarian Cottage สปาฟู้ดส์ สาขากระท่อมมังสวิรัติ

Prices: I think I spent around 1000 baht, but I ordered a lot and had drinks with friends. I expect you should probably only spend half of that. Majority of the dishes range from 150-300 baht.
Hours: 11 am – 2:30pm, 5:30-9:30 (Monday-Friday) or 11:30am – 9:30 on weekends
Address: 41/19 Soi. Chokairumit Vibhawadee-Rangsit Soi 16/21 Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-691-5083

How to Get There

Best to get close by going to the MRT Ratchadapisek Station. From there you can get in a minibus if you’re cheap, walk if it’s not scorching, and if I could take it all back, I would take a taxi from the start. :-) The map will be a huge help!

View Bangkok Eating Thai Food Map in a larger map

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  • Maria

    8 years ago

    Oh My! I HAVE to get the Real Fried Bananas with Ice Cream – I’d eat it at all three meals.

    • Dwight Turner

      8 years ago

      Thanks Maria! The other food wasn’t bad for impostor meat :-)