Glass Cabinet of Assorted Chinese Steamed Buns – Salapao


Salapao, or steamed Chinese style buns are a popular snack in Thailand. Unfortunately too many folks choose to take the easy path by purchasing their salapao from 7/11. This beautiful array of steamed bread snacks is sold adjacent to some of the best southern Thai food restaurants in Bangkok, near Siriraj Hospital.

Platter of Thai Style Grilled Pork Sticks (Moo Ping)


One of the most common snacks on the streets of Bangkok are small little skewers of grilled pork called Moo Ping (หมูปิ้ง). The meat is first marinated in a sweet soy based sauce before being placed on hot charcoal to roast. The sizzling skewers can be smelled from a kilometer away. They are best enjoyed… [Read More]