Hai Som Tam Convent Restaurant (ไฮส้มตำคอนแวนต์) – Thai Food in Silom


Lately I’ve been running around central Bangkok, so I’ve had a chance to eat at some of the more well-known Thai restaurants in Bangkok. Hai Som Tam Convent (ไฮส้มตำคอนแวนต์) is a long standing Isaan restaurant located on the famous Thanon Convent in the heart of Silom. Throughout years of walking through Silom, I just had… [Read More]

There’s No Such Thing As Thai Breakfast Food

There's no such thing as thai breakfast food

What’s Thai breakfast food? Hard boiled egg? Kanom jeen? Chicken biryani? The truth is there’s no such thing. As Mark alludes in this week’s 13 Most Popular Thai Dishes for Breakfast, Thais hardly make any time based distinction between food groups like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The thai word used for breakfast (ahaan chow อาหารเช้า)… [Read More]