Locally Famous Krabi Cuisine: Nong Joke Restaurant


Along with the gorgeous limestone pillars of stone that rise from the turquoise Andaman Sea, Krabi is also a special place for those who seek to elevate their culinary interests. Nong Joke Restaurant ร้านน้องโจ๊ก on the edges of town is a famous restaurant that is popular with both locals and Thai tourists alike. ไม่เพียงแต่ทัศนียภาพที่สวยงาม จากท้องทะเลอันดามันสีเขียวครามเท่านั้น ที่ทำให้กระบี่เป็นที่นิยมของนักท่องเที่ยวจากทุกๆที่ […]

Food Photo: Thai Needle Mushroom Salad


One of the reason Thai food is so delicious is because of the wide variety of salads and raw vegetables that makes up the cuisine. Needle Mushrooms (also known as Enokitake mushrooms) are very popular in Japanese cuisine and are almost seen as one of those Hi-So or classy things to eat in Thailand. In […]

Sweltering Soups and Kickin Curries at a Krabi Top Restaurant, Nong Jane


Among my favorite restaurants in Thailand (and in the world for that matter) is a little neighborhood restaurant in Krabi town known as Lan Nong Jane ร้านน้องเจน. The family run dinner establishment serves a few dishes that are entirely worth the try. I’ve eaten here numerous times, and it was one of my standard restaurants when […]

Vegetarian Food Stall at MBK Shopping Center, Bangkok, Thailand


Seeing a giant plate of red covered green beans is enough to make me want some. แค่ได้เห็นผ้ดพริกขิงจานนี้ ก็ทำให้ผมหิวแล้ว Here’s a short little (goofy) video: There have been some ups and downs with the vegetarian restaurant stall at the MBK Food court, but I recently ate there and the vegetarian Thai food was great. Apparently there’s […]

Food Photo: Gaeng Om Northeastern Thai Herb Soup


One of those Thai dishes I always appreciate yet rarely eat is the herb filled Isaan dish known as Gaeng Om. The soup is normally made with a base of chicken or pork and includes a wide assortment of vegetables and a host of fragrant herbs. The distinctive herb that really came through in this […]

Bustling Morning Maharaj Market in Krabi Town, Thailand


Today I just wanted to share a few photos from Krabi’s bustling Maharaj Market. The market starts up way early in the morning, I think about 3 am, and doesn’t wind down until around 10 am. A good time to visit is the 7 – 8 am range. The newly renovated Maharaj Market in Krabi […]

Magic Mushrooms (Grilled Chunks of Steak)


Probably my all-time favorite form of vegetarian Thai food are these skewers of roasted mushrooms that taste almost identical (if not better) than full on meaty steak. Even the texture of these magic mushrooms can be compared to the flesh of an animal! Dipped in the provided spicy sauce, there’s no need to worry about […]

Krabi Dim Sum: Tweaking Hong Kong’s Iconic Dumplings


Krabi dim sum is rather dainty and heavy on the minced pork. It’s about as far away from vegetarian Thai food as one could possible go for breakfast in Thailand. Unlike most other pungently flavorful southern Thai food, Krabi dim sum is rather plain with the natural flavor of oily pork. Krabi dim sum is […]