Morning Jok (Thai Congee) – Comforting Rice Porridge

Jok (โจ๊ก) vendor

Jok (โจ๊ก) vendor

Jok (โจ๊ก, pronounced joke), or the Thai version of congee also known as rice porridge, is about as comforting as a Thai breakfast can come.

While it’s available at some famous sit down restaurants like Jok Samyan, it’s more of a dish that people prefer to grab for takeaway. It’s a dish that makes one want to curl into a fetal position while watching a movie and drinking a cup of tea (maybe that’s why it’s often taken away?).

I didn’t first care for jok that much, I thought it was a little on the wimpy side and preferred to eat something more filling and spicy, but after eating it a number of times for breakfast recently, I can honestly say that I’m quite a converted fan now.

The cart that produces it all!

The cart that produces it all!

Within just about every morning market in Bangkok you’ll find at least one jok (โจ๊ก) vendor.

Still cooking jok over charcoal for a lovely smokey flavor

Still cooking jok over charcoal for a lovely smoky flavor

Jok (โจ๊ก) can be cooked on a stove, but I prefer when it’s cooked over charcoal, giving the rice a slight grilled smoky flavor. Here are a few pots of jok on the fires in different thickness stages.

Assembling jok for takeaway

Assembling jok for takeaway

Morning jok vendors can get quite busy, it being a very popular Thai breakfast dish to eat in the morning.

Pork and pig parts

Pork and pig parts

While you could order it meatless, pork normally plays a significant part in any bowl.

Minced pork meatballs and slices of liver are the two most common pork additions. The vendor normally pre-cooks the meat and then adds them to each order.

Jok to-go

Jok to-go

Plastic bags are of course used for takeaway, and since jok is piping hot when it’s served, the bags are placed into metal cans before being tied with a rubberband, placed in another plastic bag, and handed to you.

About to dig into my morning jok

About to dig into my morning jok

Upon arriving home, the next step is to find a bowl, empty the contents of the plastic bag into the bowl, garnish with a few pieces of fresh ginger and onions and season with a little vinegar (however much desired), and dig in!

Morning (or even evening) Jok (โจ๊ก) is available throughout Bangkok, often from street stalls.

Here’s the video from my last delicious jok breakfast:

If you’d like to come to this spot, it’s located in the Talat Mahasin Market on Sukhumvit 101/1. On Soi 26 make a right, and then make a first left and the stall is right on the corner in the morning from about 6 am – 8 am.

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  1. Jason says

    Mark,did you add the egg or it comes with it?….would love to try it when I’m in Bangkok…growing up jook (as we call it in Cantonese) was comfort food for us…love it with the pig organs (kidney/liver/lungs etc) and minced pork….though I don’t recall us having it for breakfast though….

  2. Kitti says

    Translatation to the sign on the first picture
    Normal 30 Baht (approx. 1 US dollar)
    with egg 35 Baht
    Special (extra amount) 40 Baht (not sure that this price include egg or not)

    You can eat at the table near the stall or take home. The egg, you can ask to be soft boiled (kai mai suk) or boiled (kai suk) and some stall even include preserved egg (century egg but Thai call it Kai Yeaw Ma) some stall put torn chicken instead of mince pork. Also, you can ask for a request like no vegetable , no mince pork , no liver , no ginger. When eat, you can add pepper . fish sauce , sugar , vinegar , dry chilli as you like.

  3. Dan says

    Nom! The best jok I have come across was in chiang mai, a place called jok somphet at the northern end of the moat. Beautifully smooth and rich!

  4. Crossfire says

    I grew up with jok and I love it. I also love to add a bit of lime juice to it but I suppose that’s not so common in jok.

    Wen I visited my thai relatives in Pak Kret I ate some jok under the Rama IV bridge. They sell it late in the night till morning. Really good stuff. Made me come back for more!
    Too bad I only had tasted jok at 5 places. Some in bangkok and near my mothers home town….but I don’t remember it being that good. It was ok.

    Good post. World needs more jok love!

    • says

      I just a small neighborhood market, so not worth traveling across town to visit. If you’re in the area however, it’s good and local, from about 6 am – 8 am in the morning.


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