Filipino Food in Bangkok – New Mabuhay Restaurant in Pratunam

Filipino Food in Bangkok

Chopsuey at New Mabuhay Restaurant in Bangkok

There are many Filipinos living and working in Bangkok.

However, there is a disproportionate low amount of Filipino restaurants within the city, perhaps just one or two.

One Sunday afternoon I was able to meet up with my good friend Ramon, a Canadian Filipino and now Bangkok resident, to check out his favorite Filipino food restaurants in Bangkok known as New Mabuhay Restaurant.

I’ll start things off with the “green dish” and then we can proceed to bigger and shall we say, porkier things.

Chopsuey as it’s known, is a combination of mixed vegetables and in this case pieces of tender pork. It was good and nice to have some vegetables along with the other dishes included in our feast.

Price: 110 THB

Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

A comforting Filipino meal would not be complete without some form of meat stewed adobo style. It’s kind of like the Thai basil chicken of any restaurant – widely available and always good.

Known as Adobong Manok, the chicken was fall apart tender, slightly sour (as should be), and the sauce was oniony and spiced with black pepper.

Piled onto my plate of rice, the flavor and tenderness of the chicken adobo was marvelous.

Price: 150 THB

Filipino Food in Bangkok

Dang Bangus

Back in 2009, I spent two month in the Philippines, mostly in Manila, doing some volunteering while eating lots of good food. It was an incredible experience where I met many great people and saw some gorgeous natural beauty of the country.

I also spent quite a lot of time eating things like seafood dampa and bangus (milk fish) prepared in a variety of ways.

We ordered the Dang Bangus, milk fish deep fried to a crispy and served with a sweet tamarind garlic sauce. The combination was awesome – this probably was my favorite dish on the table.

Thinking I might be able to pick up some bangus (Filipino milk fish) at Klong Toey Market, Ramon asked the owner of the restaurant where they bought the fish. To my surprise they actually had to import it from the Philippines as it’s not available in Thailand… hence the price.

Price: 380 THB

Sizzling Sisig - Pig's Face!

Sizzling Sisig – Pig’s Face!

The sweet sizzle could be heard from the kitchen before it emerged – a harmony of diced pig’s face and fat all melting together on a flaming hot skillet.

And if that’s not enough, a raw egg is plopped right in the middle to makes things even more tempting.

Sisig is almost like a family member in a Filipino household. It’s so precious and revered, and once you taste it you’ll understand why.

As many Filipinos say, “sisig is dangerously delicious.” And while it’s not for the health conscious, it’s an extreme porky treat from time to time.

One more luscious photo of the sisig

One more luscious photo of the sisig

Here’s one more photo of the sizzling sisig, just so you can let it settle in and drool over it a little more…

Filipino Restaurant in Bangkok - New Mabuhay Restaurant

Filipino Restaurant in Bangkok – New Mabuhay Restaurant

The mix of dishes, the dry fried fish lathered in sweet sauce, the cauliflower and vegetables, the rich adobo with caramelized onions, and the insanely good crispy yet soft pig’s face blanketed in rich yolk, all over rice was quite a memorable Filipino feast in Bangkok!

New Mabuhay Restaurant

New Mabuhay Restaurant

The Bottom Line

It had been years since my last real Filipino meal, and New Mabuhay Restaurant provided food that made me think I was back in the Philippines.

The food was authentic and I think just about everyone eating there and hanging out in the premesis was Filipino.

I particularly love the bangus fried fish and the sisig was excellent too. Ok, it was all good, excellent Filipino food. The menu also included Thai dishes, though we didn’t try any.

New Mabuhay Restaurant – Pratunam, Bangkok

Address: 1/31 Petchaburi Soi 19, Thanon Petchaburi, Bangkok 10400
Phone: 02-255-2689
Hours: 8:30 am – 10 pm
Prices: The bangus was pretty expensive as it was imported from the Philippines, but other dishes were more around the 100 – 200 THB range. Expect to pay about 200 – 300 THB per person. It’s more of a sit down restaurant.

How to get there

Located in Pratunam, it’s a toss up if Chit Lom or Ratchathewi BTS station is closer. I like to walk from Chit Lom BTS station, past Central World, make a left at Platinum, cross the street towards Amari Watergate hotel and continue walking until you reach Petchaburi Soi 19 (across the street from Pantip Plaza).

Make a right on Soi 19, and then turn left on the first small street and you’ll see New Mabuhay Restaurant on the left hand side.

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  1. N says

    I have been to the Philippines on holidays for 16 days, the people are great, but no so the food, to put is bluntly it sucks big time.
    Why would you bring in Philippine food to a Thai food site considering that Thai food is the food of the gods?

    • says

      Hey N, Great to hear you’ve visited the Philippines, and while I understand your comment, this is a Bangkok food blog that is mostly about Thai food, but also includes occasional international restaurants – that is if we happen to go anywhere international to eat. I know in general Filipino food isn’t as flavorful as Thai food, but they do some great pork dishes!

      • N says

        Hello Mark nice to see your response, you are correct I should not sweep all Filipino Food with a single brush, that sounds closed minded of me.
        I don’t eat red meat Beef, Lamb or Pork, but love Chicken and seafood, and must say the Chicken BBQ all over the Philippines was deadly yummy!
        Talking about Thai food, one thing I have noticed recently is that Coconut Milk is being substituted with Carnation Condensed Milk, what is up with this trend in the lower end establishments?

        • says

          Hey N, thanks for getting back, and glad you enjoyed the grilled chicken in the Philippines. Yah, Carnation milk, I don’t like it much either. Normally if you order a tom yum goong nam khon (creamy version), it will included condensed milk, not coconut milk – and that’s almost always the case. If you get tom yum goong nam sai (clear version), it won’t have any milkiness in it – this is the version I prefer. Were there any other dishes that this happened to you?

  2. says

    Oh my, thanks for the heads up! I haven’t had daing na bangus for over a year, one of the things I missed cooking here. Let me know if ever you come to Phitsanulok, there’s a tiny Filipino kitchen here that would love to serve Filipino food to you :)

  3. anonymous says

    That’s too expensive for Filipino food! Rip off! If you want adobo, just cook chicken in vinegar, black peppercorns, whole crushed garlic on low heat for 1 hour at least till all the liquid has evaporated slowly, and the flavors have permeated the meat. Soy sauce-water addition is optional. Can’t be worth 150 baht. Chopsuey is just chopped mixed veg sauteed in a soy sauce-stock mix. Daing na bangus is milkfish rubbed with salt or soy sauce, air-dried and fried in oil. Should not be worth 380baht! You can also make anything into sisig–just mix with vinegar, soy sauce/Maggi, onions, chili and fry til crispy. But yes, the original calls for pork cheeks, ears, face first boiled in water, grilled, chopped then fried. Very good with drinking beer, but extremely bad for the health–heart-attack & kidney failure bad.

    • says

      Hey, right about the sisig, it’s surely one of the least healthy possible dishes on earth, but it sure is tasty! I agree, this restaurant is not cheap, but they said they must import the bangus from the Philippines which is why it’s so expensive.

  4. liromangubat says

    Sisig! You know your stuff Mark! hehehe Thanks for posting! Now I know where to go to get my sisig fix when I’m in Bangkok. I could leave all Filipino food behind except sisig hehehe cheers!

  5. Tim says

    Mark…thanks for the recommendation, just moved here from Shanghai and had a Filipina maid for the last 5 years and besides missing her, I really miss her adobo.

  6. nat says

    hey,just read this blog today. there’s plenty of bangus fish here at Nonthaburi, Thanam Non talaat. It’s 100 baht per kilo. I dunno if its true that they get their bangus from Phils. but you can get plenty of it year round here in our market. Thanks for the great feedback on Mabuhay resto. It’s our favorite jaunt if we feel homesick for filipino food.


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