Bangkok Dangerous: Sunday Afternoon DURIAN Conquest

The orange bus hurled into the bus stop at Dao Kanong, to a breeze that carried that very familiar scent: Durian.

Even though on this sleepy Sunday afternoon I had no plans to get off the bus there, I found myself unable to control the fact that I was stepping out of the vehicle and making my way towards the mountain of Durian piled on the table – the undeniable culprit of that heavenly aroma.

Amid her (Durian vendor) speculation of my chronic photography, she sliced up our King of Fruits like a pro, breaking the outer shell like it was butter.

Baguette of Durian

Baguette of Durian

The initial pod of cream emerged from the spiky shell, a durian chunk that might have been mistaken for a personal baguette.

Durian in Bangkok

Durian in Bangkok

It was tough to hold off devouring the treat the exact second it emerged from the womb, but due to the street location, it was necessary to take the bag to-go!

15 minutes later, my mouth was engulfed in one of the creamiest and full bodied durian’s I had ever had the privilege of demolishing in my entire career. My emotions went wild, I couldn’t help dreaming about going back and begging to purchase her entire stock, turning the party into a Durian buffet.

Little Durian Baby

Little Durian Baby

The 5 Kilo Durian went down with little effort. Before I knew it, there was simply an empty bag, a few pieces of dirty wax paper, and a number of mouth licked seeds.

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  1. Rakkhuntaofah says

    After eat King of fruit u need some mangosteen following after soon.This is the secret of durien addiction. 

    • says

      Right about that! If you plan to eat a lot of Durian, mangosteen is a very necessary to cool the body down. There is durian everywhere in Thailand now, but still waiting a few more weeks for mangosteen to come to the markets!

  2. Dayne says

     The secret is eating it the first time you smell it. Most foreigners dislike the smell and never try it but if you do then the smell becomes an aroma similar to warm fresh out of the oven brownies. My mouth waters just thinking about both Durian and Mangosteen. Have to get some soon.. to warm fresh out of the oven brownies. My mouth waters just thinking about both Durian and Mangosteen. Have to get some soon..

    • says

      I agree with getting a sensation of mouth-watering when I think or smell durian or mangosteen! You are definitely, many new try-ers make the mistake of smelling it first and then imagining all the stories that they have heard. Go get some durian Dayne, it’s everywhere in Thailand now, just waiting to be devoured!

  3. rudy says

    Hi Mark, I love durian and I am visiting Bangkok mid Aug 2011. Where should I go for best durian feast? thanks.

    • says

      Hey Rudy, great to hear that you also enjoy durian!
      Since it is durian season, there are durian carts all over town and you’ll find it all over the streets. That being said, a sure bet is in the evening in Yaowarat (Chinatown), there is a truck that parks on Yaowarat Road and is full of 2 -3 different kinds of durian. They are high quality, so priced a bit high, but always worth it!

  4. Geraldine says

    I’ve tried Thai Durian, but the best is still the Musang King Durian in Malaysia… This coming month the durian in in season. Do drop by n have a try if you are a Durian lover..

    • says

      Thanks for sharing Geraldine! I have had some durian in Malaysia and it definitely is some of the best, I’ll let you know if I make a durian trip to Malaysia!

  5. Harry says

    Hey y’all, most people who avoid Durian don’t realize that it’s strong aromatic smell and sweet tangy taste is due to the high alcohol content. Anyone who enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages should love this unique fruit. Too bad this fact has not been exploited to introduce this fruit to more audience all over the world. Perhaps to protect the secret?? :) BTW, do you know that people can use Durian shell as burning fuel for small stoves, etc? Hence, Durian connoisseurs believe that the best Durians will easily light up with a match. Sounds rather strong, ain’t it? Try it next time and enjoy!

  6. Rene says

    If you want the smell of durian the disappear from your hand, put water on the durian shell and wash your hands with it.


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